4th Annual Internal Audit Forum

4th Annual Internal Audit Forum 3-4 March 2016 Hotel NH Amsterdam Caransa, Amsterdam, The Netherlands The event has passed. Hot Topics of internal audit forum Discover how internal audits are identified, planned and executed Learn from a case study on applying King III and performing gap analysis [...]

5th Annual Risk Management Forum

Hot Topics risk management forum Learn how European banks work with transparency,accountability and regulation strengthening along with a new and controversial tool for leveraging Learn the latest challenges for credit risk steering and how to Benchmark the Fair Amortized Cost Value from a pro at IFRS 9 Impairment. Learn the [...]

3rd Annual HR Minds Forum

Hot Topics HR Forum Learn how to leverage data to maximise human resources with an interesting talent analytics case study from the VP of HR - Organisation, Performance & Analytics from Unilever, UK. Learn about the Smart-phone & mobile phenomena’s effect on HR operations and how Microsoft is promoting BYOD to [...]

4th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labeling

Upcoming Events Hot Topics Learn how to understand the latest strategies to identify and overcome counterfeited drugs and their effects on the market. Listen to the case study and takeaway insights on the Track & Trace Strategy of Abdi Ibrahim, a leading company in the [...]

3rd Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum

The event has passed. Hot Topics Understand the most up-to-date updates on the PRAC regulation, requirements and what the future holds for the Pharma industry from the EMA’s PRAC committee member. Learn how to analyze the impact of regulations on signal detection and find a tailor-made signal [...]

4th Annual HR Minds Forum

Clients Hot Topics Thoughts, emotions, values and personal polarities Amazing examples of effectively gamified HR processes The importance of teamwork in reaching your company’s goals and objectives The role of HR technology in the transformation Efficient ways to [...]

3rd Annual Back Office Operations Forum

Upcoming Events Hot Topics banking forum Learn how to reach operational excellence and centralized services to enhance customer satisfaction Gain an insight into the LEAN management system of UniCredit in order to learn to combine cost and quality with customer and employee expectations [...]

3rd Annual Retail Banking Forum

Hot Topics Discover how the future Bank Branch looks like today and hear predictions if Brick & Mortars are still needed while moving forward. Learn how to offer clients a refreshing banking experience and how to benefit from the power of mobility from the VP of the most trusted bank in [...]