5th Annual Collateral Management Forum – Details

5th Annual Collateral Management Forum 02-03 June 2016 Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre Amsterdam - The Netherlands  “I really appreciate a good diversification of topics and choice of speakers. Also thank you for a  schedule of the event - panels were not too long to lose concentration and breaks were enough to refresh and communicate [...]

4th Annual Retail Banking Forum – Details

4th Annual Retail Banking Forum 2-3 June 2016 Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel Budapest - Hungary   “It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Retail Banking Forum. It was all professionally organised and managed and the speakers were varied and interesting.” VP | Barclays – United Kingdom “The event was very nice and [...]

2nd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum – Details

2nd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum 19-20 May 2016 Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre Amsterdam - The Netherlands   “The program was great and the attendance impressive.” - Technical Committee Chair European Payment Institutions Federation Upcoming Events Discover the hot topics From Capital Calculations to Expected Credit Loss [...]

New speaker for 5th Annual HR Minds Forum

We happily announce to have a new speaker joining the 5th HR Minds Forum, who happens to be one of our top speakers from previous HR Minds events: Petra Berecová Senior Vice President Executive Management Deutsche Telekom Germany   Ms. Berecová has been recently promoted and had moved from Slovak Telekom to the headquarters: Deutsche Telekom, which makes [...]

Let’s draw! The importance of the flowchart

Have you ever tried to draw a flowchart? If so, how many times have you done it so accurately reflects the company’s operation? I bet you have done it several times because it isn't easy. Doesn’t matter which software you are using (there a plenty in the market) because by itself won’t tell you how [...]

Feedback from the past Chair

Chair of the 4th HR Minds Forum, Ms. Daiga Ergle, Senior Vice President Human Resources – AirBaltic, Latvia: “Once again, conference was extremely good this time, I hope you pick this message also from the feedback forms. Much better than previous. If you keep developing the same way, the next one will be awesome :-). You've [...]

New speaker for 5th Collateral Management Forum

We have a new speaker, welcome on board: Arturo Labanda Puerta Head of Market Risk Banco Santander – Spain   His topic is the following: Collateral: impact in pricing and risk management  Curve construction under collateral agreements Initial Margin in CCPs: same product but different price Initial Margin with bilateral counter-parties   >>> Go to [...]

New speakers for 4th Annual Retail Banking Forum

We have registered 3 new speakers: Usama Fayyad Chief Data Officer / Group Managing Director /CIO Risk, Finance & Treasury Technology Barclays - United Kingdom   Zoltán Paragi Third Party Sales Leader Budapest Bank – Hungary   Balazs Halasz Head of Region, Hungary-CzechSlovak Tesco PLC - Hungary   Mr. Paragi and Mr. Halasz will hold [...]