Can we please stop complaining about Millennials?

The world always had a problem with the actual youngest generation, the millennials. Veterans (born between 1925–45) surviving the horror and consequences of the world wars were frustrated with their hippie Baby Boomer (1946–65) kids wearing funky clothes and going to Woodstock. When Generation X (1965–81) was young, people thought that they would become antisocial [...]

An Overview on the Third Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum

Ioan Magyar* University of Oradea, Romania Corresponding Author : Ioan Magyar Associate Proffesor of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology University of Oradea, Romania Tel: 40359803800 E-mail:; Received November 26, 2015; Accepted November 30, 2015; Published December 07, 2015 Citation: Magyar I (2015) An Overview on the Third Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum. Clin Pharmacol Biopharm 5:e122. doi:10.4172/2167-065X.1000e122 [...]

A European regional perspective on market reform and growth

In 2008, a global de-regulation super trend came to a grinding halt and gave rise to an era of financial repression. However, while financial innovation and financial repression are global phenomena, Europe when compared to the US seems to find it much more difficult to leave the crisis behind and stomach the multitude of [...]