3rd Annual Post Trade Forum – 23-24 February, 2017

Upcoming Events 3rd Annual Post Trade Forum Following the great success of our 2nd Annual Post Trade Forum with more than a 100 participants, we are happy to invite you to our 3rd Annual Post Trade Forum, which will be held 23rd [...]

6th HR Minds Summit – 02-03 February, 2017

6th HR Minds Summit 02-03 February 2017 Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna - Austria Upcoming Events The event has passed. 6th HR Minds Summit In HR global trends are likely to influence organisations, the next generation coming into the workplace, and what they are going to [...]

Mergers and acquisitions activity – an important risk rarely modelled in portfolio factor models

2015 – the best year ever in mergers and acquisitions activity Last year was the best ever in completed mergers and acquisitions activity, meaning a record amount of companies partly or significantly changed their risk profiles. This activity was fuelled by just a few sources. Low interest rates boosted global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in 2015 [...]