NEW: GLC Trainings in 2017

We are happy to announce: GLC Trainings Business Unit has been set up and for now offering the following MasterClass trainings in 2017: IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass (sold out) Key Principles of Pharmacovigilance MasterClass IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass 2.0 Cy-Fi 2017 MasterClass   There are more GLC Trainings to announce very soon - stay tuned [...]

Cy-Fi 2017 MasterClass 30-31 May 2017

Upcoming Events Learning outcomes Gain an Overview of the Dynamic Cyber Security Landscape. Explore key Laws, Legal Rights and Corporate and Personal Liabilities and Responsibilities. Learn the holistic approaches to Leadership, Strategy and Governance in Cyber Security Identify Critical Information Assests [...]

Do you know your customer?

Know your customer is an important part of deterring and protecting yourself and the company of being used to launder money. There are basic controls any company (financial or non-financial) can apply: Meet the customer in person: at least once in your life. Sometimes criminals use other people to make operations on behalf of them [...]

MiFID II. MasterClass – 16-17 May 2017

Upcoming Events Learning outcomes Grasp the Overall Structure of MiFID II. Understand the Investor Protection Componants of MiFID II. Comprehend the Changes to Client Classifications Realise the Changes to Suitability and Appropriatness Checks Recognise the Changes to Product Governance Distinguish the [...]

5th Annual Retail Banking Forum – Details

Upcoming Events 5th Annual Retail Banking Forum The Banking sector is going through very turbulent times due the innovations on the market. Retail banks are trying to keep up with the new entrants of the market like challenger banks or FinTechs. The [...]

Audit Masters – 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum – Details

Upcoming Events 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum Following the great success of our 4th Annual Internal Audit Forum, we are happy to invite you to our 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum, which will be held on 11th - 12th of May 2017 [...]