7th HR Minds Employee Engagement Forum – 01-02 June, 2017

Upcoming Events 7th HR Minds Employee Engagement Forum In the ever-increasing pace of the 21st century, it is essential for all HR professionals to, apart from their traditional role, become familiar with various areas of the business. As the world is shrinking, talent [...]

Collateral Zone 2017 – GLC Europe

Upcoming Events 6th Annual Collateral Management Forum In 2017 we are organizing our 6th Annual Collateral Management Forum, which has now made its name on the market thanks to our returning participants and sponsors. We are proud to introduce this event where [...]

In which of the 3 lines of defense are you?

The 3 lines of defense is a model that has been taken from the military but with different focus in business: the approach is to mitigate any risk that the company is exposed to. Which ones? Any. It defines: First line: the areas that are in direct contact with the client; or that make possible [...]

FIIA 2017 MasterClass 4-5 May 2017

Upcoming Events Learning outcomes How to leverage Internal Audit assisting and ensuring Supervisory and Executive Boards that the 4 Lines-of-Defence are operating efficiently and effectively Understand the need for banks to be prepared to be audited in the governance area –agendas, [...]