FIIA MasterClass – Best Execution for Internal Auditors in Financial Institutions

Learning outcomes Frame the role of Chief Audit Executive and Internal Audit, as the 3rd Line-of-Defense, to play a leadership role assisting Supervisory and Executive Boards to perform their responsibilities Rethink Internal Audit vision, strategy and tactics to develop a robust narrative with boards of directors [...]

6th Annual Back Office Operations Forum

6th Annual Back Office Operations Forum Discover the hot topics Listen future visions for banking operations Discover the impact Learn more about Open APIs Get to know how to optimise technologies Hear the considerations for successful partnership Determine the principles What participants [...]

InsurTech MasterClass

Learning outcomes Take a look at the dynamics of an evolving InsurTech Market Learn how the data economy and data driven innovation is at a centre of everything Know more about how digital technologies and behavioural sciences redefine the insurance sector Get to know how technological [...]

Job Evaluation and Grades MasterClass

Learning outcomes Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness by developing a clear job grading structure that correctly values the responsibilities and contributions of each job to determine the correct grade for each job in your organization. Understand the different approaches and systems and tools for [...]

Next Generation Performance Management (PM) and Performance Appraisals (PA) MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn about the truths and myths concerning the “Death of Performance Appraisals” and discover the new trend of monthly milestones via MSCs rather than annual goals via KPIs. Support business effectiveness by implementing a best-practice performance management system and performance appraisal process. Increase overall [...]

IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss Modelling Masterclass 2.0 – Stresstesting, EBA Guidelines / TRIM and Basel IV

Learning outcomes Discuss most frequent application issues of IFRS 9 Identify how to combine the hedge accounting model and 3 Stage Provisions in IFRS 9 First evidence from interim reports and reporting data Learn how to prepare for and integrate the diverse requirements and guide lines [...]

AML and Sanctions In-House Training

Introduction This is a general AML & sanctions compliance course for nancial institutions and FinTech companies, covering the main concepts, techniques, as well as information about sanctions and sanctions noncompliance. Depending on the audience, and if the organization wishes to share its policies and procedures, it [...]

Business Continuity and Crisis Management Program

Introduction This course gives the delegate a comprehensive subject matter grounding in the six Professional Practices (PP) of BCM and is ideal for delegates who are fairly new to the concept of Business Continuity Management, and for those who have had no formal BCM training. Delegates [...]

Risks in BIG Data

Have you ever thought of the risks in BIG data? If so, this information is for you. First, let’s define: BIG data involves large information in volume that comes from varying sources and is produce at a quick rate. That’s why they are known as the 3 “V” of BIG Data: volume, variety and velocity. [...]