Block…what? Blockchain!

Bitcoin didn’t arrive in the markets alone; it brought Blockchain technology with it. Why is this important? Besides the fact that it is the technology that underpins virtual currencies, some companies have put their eyes on it. What is it? In simple terms: a spreadsheet (digital ledger or database) that is shared thousands of times [...]

IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss Modelling Masterclass 3.0

Learning outcomes Discuss most frequent application issues of IFRS 9 Identify how to combine the hedge accounting model and 3 Stage Provisions in IFRS 9 First evidence from interim reports and reporting data Learn how to prepare for and integrate the diverse requirements and guide lines [...]

OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR MasterClass 3.0

Learning outcomes Be aware of the fundamental purpose and structure of derivative products Understand the similarities/differences between exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives Recognize the processing life cycle of a range of derivative products Understand what causes exposures in OTC Derivative trades and the purpose of [...]

CMC Biopharma MasterClass

Learning outcomes Take a closer look on the new Biological entities and Biosimilars Experience the development of biotherapeutics from Discovery to Market approval Understand the Strains and Cell line development Have a chance to meet the Requirements and technical approach for Phase I, Phase II, Phase [...]

Women in Leadership MasterClass

Learning outcomes Explore leadership attributes and their associated behaviours that need to be demonstrated within your work environment Identify your communication preferences and how to communicate effectively in all directions using the appropriate language, tone and levels of assertion To know how to develop self-awareness, charisma [...]

Root Cause Analysis MasterClass

Learning outcomes Understand the difference between a proactive approach to Root Cause Analysis and a reactive approach and the benefits of each This is the problem starting point and is the what, when why and impact of the problem within the organization Understand the 5 WHY [...]

What we learned from Bizzpay 6.0 – Lana Abdullayeva, one of our speakers summed up the event

We can think of Open Banking and PSD2 as the Expedia for banking. It will fundamentally change our everyday interaction with our banks in the future, as well as the way we make payments and the way banks look at and use customer data. It will help to open up the market to new players [...]

Business Continuity and Crisis Management MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn how to create a crisis management plan for your company Get to know the different emergency procedures Be aware of how Business Impact Analisys works Specialise yourself in the development of continuity Training Description   Training Introduction This two day [...]

7th Annual Internal Audit Forum

7th Annual Internal Audit Forum Welcome! A great excitement to organize year by year the Audit Masters conference. This time the 7th Annual Internal Audit Forum will take place in the lively Barcelona. As usual the attendees will be presented with a number of sessions on today’s current [...]