BizzPay 7.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum

BizzPay 7.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum After the implementation deadline of PSD 2 we are eager to see the first impressions presented at our upcoming BizzPay 7.0 Forum in June in Barcelona. Our expert speakers will share several real life case studies and what [...]

7th Annual Pharma Packaging & Labelling Forum

7th Annual Pharma Packaging & Labelling Forum After the implementation deadline of the European Falsified Medicines Directive, our 7th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling Forum will take place to discuss the first impressions of the regulation. Participants will be able to meet the newest technologies of the industry [...]

AML and Sanctions MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn more about anti money laundering Discover the main concepts, techniques, as well as information about sanctions Be aware of the exact definition of terrorist financing Get to know more about the risk-based approach Training Description This is a general AML [...]

European Internal Audit Forum

European Internal Audit Forum Welcome! Audit Zone 2019 will unfold the solutions to the challenges that internal auditors have to overcome in order to stay efficient in a rapidly changing environment. The European Internal Audit Forum will be an amalgamation of interesting case studies, interactive panel discussions and [...]

Advanced Organisational Design Masterclass

Learning outcomes your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by aligning your organisation’s structure, roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators and governance arrangements to your strategic objectives Your reputation and influence by understanding the key steps, tools and techniques to effectively facilitate the co-design of [...]

Risk Based Auditing MasterClass

Step by step guide to completing a risk based audit An approach to implementing RBA On annual internal audit coverage plans Effective RBA To achieving strategic objectives To determine priorities Course Introduction The Institute of Internal Auditors in a professional guidance statement stated [...]

CMC Biopharma MasterClass 3.0

Learning outcomes Take a closer look on the new Biological entities and Biosimilars Experience the development of biotherapeutics from Discovery to Market approval Understand the Strains and Cell line development Have a chance to meet the Requirements and technical approach for Phase I, Phase II, Phase [...]

Best Practice Recruitment – Recruiting Excellence MasterClass

Learning outcomes How to recruit correctly, from beginning to end. A 360 approach to hiring excellence Learning the rules of attraction – making your business one that people wish to join. Understanding the process of recruitment – the critical steps to take that will ensure a [...]

How to become a leader

Have you ever wondered how to become a leader? If so, this information is for you. First, nobody is born being a leader. So you can develop certain skills to become one. It’s just a matter of time, effort and practice. Here are the more important: Do what you say: this will give you credibility [...]

Next Generation Performance Management (PM) and Performance Appraisals (PA) MasterClass 2.0

Learning outcomes Learn about the truths and myths concerning the “Death of Performance Appraisals” and discover the new trend of monthly milestones via MSCs rather than annual goals via KPIs. Support business effectiveness by implementing a best-practice performance management system and performance appraisal process. Increase overall [...]