Why are there few women in management positions than men?

  Look around any company, and there are still few women in management positions than men. Why does this continue to happen? The answer is not simple: a combination of factors contributes to it. But, there is a solution. After several articles read, my own experience as a woman and ask male colleagues their point [...]

7th Annual Back Office and Operational Excellence Forum

Event Introduction Welcome! The 7th Annual Back Office and Operational Excellence Forum will help guide you along your digital transformation journey to achieve operational excellence by providing key insights via expert talks. The participants can explore a broad range of current and future trends via [...]

Financial Market Infrastructure Summit

Financial Market Infrastructure Summit Financial Market Infrastructure is a combination of our two very successful conferences: Post Trade Forum and Collateral Management Forum. After enormous interest from speakers and delegates, we decided to merge these two forums to offer the most up to date topics and case [...]

Agility in HR MasterClass

Learning outcomes Introduction to the agile approach and how it is related to Lean and systems thinking. Why work with agility? What characterizes the agile mindset and how to change the traditional HR processes when we are working with agile values? How should HR adapt work [...]

Design Thinking MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn why design-driven companies have a strategic advantage. Practise design thinking principles, techniques and tools for both B2C and B2B. Work with clear tools that guide you through the process Understand the mindset needed for speeding up innovation processes Training Introduction [...]

Finance for Non-Financial Managers MasterClass

Learning objectives Understanding of financial accounts and reports The ability to use and understanding of financial concepts Analytical skills to interpret financial results using ratios Ability to manage budgets more effectively Training Introduction This course shows how to interpret key financial statements highlighting the [...]

The Millennial Woman in Leadership

‘Women leaders’ and ‘millennials’ are two words which are resonating in our minds. On one hand, we have businesses and women leaders pushing for other women to lead and to move fast in having women chairs and sitting on boards. On the other hand, we have the millennials who are changing the way we work [...]