PSD2 MasterClass

Key Takeaways Comprehensive 200+ page Training Manual and Training Reference Materials Manual, and four electronic copies of the session PowerPoint presentations Post-course follows up to ensure all key course objectives have been met Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours Certificate for all training course attendees. Advanced Knowledge and [...]

LifeScience Micro MBA MasterClass

Learning outcomes Gain more understanding and overview of all elements belonging to the total LifeScience valuechain Know what strategy and strategic thinking means for LifeScience now in the coming future How to become a leader in a LifeScience environment How to turn strategy into a go-to-market plan [...]

Situational Leadership MasterClass

Learning objectives Learn how systematic leadership leads to ultimate success Adjust your style to match the development level of the team Make leadership a strategic responsibility and team focus an essential Discover the importance of empathy in guiding others to success Learn how to operate more effectively [...]

Robot Safety Rocks! After Prague 2019

Robot Safety Rocks! After Prague 2019 John Kersey writes on safety technology and related topics for the SHP online publication. He was one of the presenters at the European HSE Forum 4.0 conference in Prague in September 2019 He was acknowledged as one of the Top 5 Speakers at the conference. His presentation covered 5 [...]

Whom are you going to trust your money?

Whom are you going to trust your money? Is not about the services a bank offers... Neither it’s app. Is about whom are you going to trust your money; and this is linked to the bank’s quality service. With so many changes going on, now banks have to adjust their business model to fulfill the [...]

Enterprise Risk Management MasterClass

Learning outcomes Apply a practical approach to enterprise risk management Update your risk process to enable an enterprise –wide approach to risk Use one approach across the business – to reduce silos Engage all levels of management in the risk agenda CPE credits [...]

Advanced Organisational Design Masterclass

Learning outcomes Your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by aligning your organisation’s structure, roles and responsibilities, key performance indica tors and governance arrangements to your strategic objectives Your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by clarifying how your organisation is designed and the interrelationships [...]

Auditing Projects MasterClass

Learning outcomes Establish how to effectively identify, measure, evaluate and control project risks. Appreciate the benefits of proactive risk-based audit of key projects. Understand how to audit major projects, including IT projects, in a practical and cost-effective way. Apply the concepts and practical application of a risk-based [...]

Coaching MasterClass

Training Introduction This innovative new programme is experiential and empowering. It will equip you with both the skills to coach and to coach the coaches. Designed for existing managers of all levels this 2 day programme will provide you with practical skills to unlock the potential of teams [...]

Executive Assistant Development MasterClass (2.0)

Learning outcomes Deal with your daily tasks better using the latest technology and apps Create opportunities for your personal development and cracking challenges better Make most of your time using the newest time management and action planning tools & APPs Experience fewer burn-out moments and more balance [...]