Agile Workplace Design Forum

Agile Workplace Design Forum The Agile Workplace Design Summit organized by GLC Europe will provide a great opportunity for learning and networking during the 2 days of the event. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the latest trends of workplace design and how it’s [...]

6th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

6th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum The next five years in risk management can bring more transformation than the last decade. CRisk 2020 will help credit risk management professionals to prepare for the upcoming requirements and demands. The 6th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum is dedicated to address [...]

European Internal Audit Summit 2020

European Internal Audit Summit Welcome! European Internal Audit Summit 2020 is designed to uncover the insights of the most emerging topics. The attendees will be presented with a number of sessions on today’s current issues and trends, industry best practices seeking to address common challenges, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The conference will be [...]

Initial Margin Regulation MasterClass

Overview The training will cover topics such as Risk, Margin and Collateral in OTC and On-Exchange Derivative Markets Understanding Margin methods, models and concepts Pricing of (OTC) derivatives Digging into the details of the regulatory framework in Europe Risk coverage for counterparty credit and market risk Developing a [...]

The Audit Skills Needed for 2020

The audit skills needed for 2020 The world is changing, thus the environment, way to do things, the companies. It’s essential to speak about the audit skills needed for 2020; either the ones you need to update or improve. So, what skills are we talking about? Well, among those, internal auditors are going to need [...]

MBA for HSE Practitioners MasterClass

Overview The training workshop is based on the book published by Routledge in the UK entitled “The Ten-Step MBA for HSE Practitioners”. This 2-Day workshop is developed to help practitioners understand better the business knowledge and skills they need to attain and practice to help them succeed further [...]

Agility in HR MasterClass

Overview Regardless if you are an agile coach, a line manager or an HR professional, you need to understand how people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the agile value structure. How do performance management, recruitment, learning and development, compensation and [...]

Safety in workplace and personal values

Strengthening the corporate culture to make safety a priority value. Employee involvement. Safety motivation. Issues that are being discussed quite often these days. My profession primarily is writing. Maybe this is why my thoughts on this topic go slightly beyond HSE. But I would like to share them because I think they are worth considering.  [...]