Impact of agile workplace design on employee productivity

In today's time, it seems job-hopping is a more popular trend than good old loyalty and career ladder climbing within the same organization. A new wave of the workforce requires more from their employers in order to stick around for more than a year or so. Companies are looking for new ways to have satisfied [...]

Personal Effectiveness Tools MasterClass

Overview This course will provide you with 12 of the most effective management tools to help improve your personal and team effectiveness. The tools are simple to understand, and a key part of the course is for you to try out the tools and apply them to your [...]

Climate Risk, Disclosures, and Data MasterClass (2.0)

Overview Climate change is increasingly on the agenda as a material risk, not just for the long-term but as a current issue. Global climate science continues to highlight observable changes in the climate, with increasing evidence of physical effects and accelerating impacts of the effort to transition to [...]

Advanced Human Error Management MasterClass

Overview Recent advances in human error management based on alertness creation dovetail seamlessly with holistic and coordinated approaches to risk management. This two day course covers the recent advances in understanding why people make physical and cognitive mistakes and what pro-active and proportionate steps can be taken to [...]

C#/ML.NET Machine Learning MasterClass (2.0)

Overview In this 2-day training you will learn how to build machine learning applications in C# with Microsoft’s new ML.NET library. You will learn how to prepare a data set, load and process it, and design and train a machine learning model to generate useful predictions from the [...]

Risks in 2020

If risks were considered a key part for internal auditors, in 2020 risks are a must. Audits should be risk-based and agile, responding to emerging risks. For this year, top risks include: Cybersecurity and data privacy: we are moving to a digital era and by doing it, this risk increases. The reason: information and data [...]

European HSE Management Forum 5.0

European HSE Management Forum 5.0 This year our European HSE Management Forum will take place on 1st and 2nd of October 2020. We are all very excited to bring this event series and meet new and old faces of the health and safety industry. The event will be focusing on real [...]

Planning for Pandemics Threats: Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Is your business prepared for the worst case scenarios? The current challenge that businesses are facing should by no means be underestimated. Companies need to be able to adapt and take the necessary steps to avoid potential risks, while at the same time continue to operate [...]

Advanced Risk Based Auditing MasterClass

Overview Most Heads of Internal Audit would say that their functions have adopted a risk-based approach. Why then is Internal Audit often seen as negative and unhelpful, a function that points out errors and focusses on finding fault? Is it because it focusses mainly on failure rather than [...]