Advanced Human Error Management MasterClass (6.0)

Overview Recent advances in human error management based on alertness creation dovetail seamlessly with holistic and coordinated approaches to risk management. This two day course covers the recent advances in understanding why people make physical and cognitive mistakes and what pro-active and proportionate steps can be taken to [...]

IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss Modelling MasterClass (7.0)

Overview The ECL MasterClass was designed to improve the level of knowledge in the field of modelling requirements from IFRS 9, the EBA Stresstest-Methodology, the EBA IRB-Guidelines, and the upcoming Basel IV standards. The MasterClass approach is vastly practical. It will help you to understand fundamental concepts and [...]

Signal and Risk Management in Pharmacovigilance MasterClass (2.0)

Overview The focus of this two days training will be on providing an update of ongoing activities regarding medicines’ risk and signal management. The first day will be an opportunity to provide the participants with practical advice on RMP drafting and preparation as well as the accessor's point [...]

Pharma Mergers and Acquisitions MasterClass (2.0)

Overview This 2 day programme is intensive, and aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of M&A in its different facets, it addresses the deal process, key documents including the Share Purchase Agreement, Disclosure Letter, specific issues Due Diligence in Life Sciences including IP, [...]

Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases MasterClass

Overview This 2 half-days course presents a blend of Orphan Drugs regulatory guidance and approaches to clinical trials and assessment of evidence. The course covers the legal basis for approvals, how to design studies and a look at some recent methodological ideas that have been proposed. Evidence- Based [...]

Advanced Compensation and Benefits MasterClass (7.0)

Overview With many markets in the region gearing up for continued post-recession business growth, many employers are facing a challenge of aligning compensation and benefits practices with business strategies, and the challenge of implementing advanced compensation techniques that improve the relationship between compensation and employee performance and business [...]

Pharma Packaging and Patient Compliance MasterClass

Overview Day 1  It is the course’s goal to inform about the basic and functional requirements of Pharmaceutical packaging, about the market requirements and trends, about future developments and the current global topics such as Serialisation and Track and Trace, Tamper Evidence and Tamper Verification Features, Anti-counterfeiting and [...]

Smart Pharma Packaging and Medical Device Regulation MasterClass

Overview It is the course’s goal to inform about the segment of Smart packaging and printed electronics in the field of pharmaceutical packing in Europe, in the US and globally. Generally, the business opportunities, the technical possibilities and the challenges of application of Smart pharma packaging and printed [...]