VBA & Innovative Contracting in Pharma MasterClass

Overview As healthcare shifts from “volume to value” we are seeing a global trend of shifting medicines and technology pricing towards a value based paradigm. This comprehensive symposium will cover off “value based agreements” and innovative financial contracts between pharmaceutical manufactures and payers. We will go through VBA [...]

Renewable Energy Sources: Energy Policy and Financing MasterClass

Overview Energy transition - a word which became popular during the last decades. Originally it was introduced by politicians and supported further by various stakeholders who are engaged into energy policy and energy markets. What does the term energy transition mean? This training will bring examples from more [...]

How to manage the employees’ performance?

Have you ever wondered how to manage the employees’ performance? What should it be measured and how? The answer is to link individual performance to the goals and values of the company. And for this, competencies for each role in the company are needed. The benefits are that employees will know what is needed to [...]

Healthcare automation from Machine Learning to AI In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes This course is intended to go through the complete roadmap that leads to the immense universe of Artificial Intelligence. It starts from ground zero, a quick overview of basic statistics and data analysis, pillars [...]

Biosimilars in the EU In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes The market share of drug products manufactured by means of modern biotechnology is constantly increasing. In Germany, it is close to 25% in value. This means that there will be a major cost-saving potential [...]

Talent development in remote working MasterClass

Overview This course will help HR professionals to connect to future business reality and take their place at the strategic level decision making concerning talent development. The aim is to give HR business partners a model for the practical implementation of the Learning and Development systems in a [...]

European Internal Audit Summit 2021

European Internal Audit Summit Welcome! European Internal Audit Summit 2021 is designed to uncover the insights of the most emerging topics. The attendees will be presented with a number of sessions on today’s current issues and trends, industry best practices seeking to address common challenges, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The conference will be [...]

Choosing a CCP: Strategic, Credit and Operational MasterClass

Overview Choosing a CCP: Strategic, Credit and Operational considerations is a two part module looking at the criteria involved in selecting a CCP to work with. The first part is the strategic discussion around the most important considerations involved (eg: one CCP to optimise netting benefits or multiple [...]

Operations Improvement in the Finance Sector MasterClass

Overview Operations management is an area of business concerned with the production of goods and services and involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient – in terms of using as little resource as possible – and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. It is [...]

The Social Responsibility of Pharmaceutical Companies in Times of Crisis MasterClass

Overview The concept and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility have evolved in the last two decades at an increasing pace. Shaped by the public pressure and the exigencies of the industry, the CSR/ Sustainability programs became more and more focused on social engagement and consistency in corporate response. [...]