Manage the Annual Salary Review MasterClass

Overview Every compensation & benefits manager must know how to manage the annual salary review, and less experienced C&B specialists also must be able to support it. This course equips C&B professionals to competently perform their most important annual project, the annual salary review. The course covers pay [...]

Advanced CMC MasterClass (2.0)

Overview Technical and regulatory requirements for developing a medicinal product are becoming stricter every day, the products themselves become more and more complex. This course will present key points in CMC which are currently the focus of Health Authorities, and which are critical for a successful developement, registration, [...]

Analysing and Drafting Commercial Contracts in Life Sciences MasterClass

Overview This 2-day intensive programme is aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal and practical aspects of commercial contracts in its different facets, and minimise their organisation to exposure to potential expensive disputes, it addresses the background law, key documents including the Joint Venture Agreement, [...]

Analytical Chemistry for Non Analytical Chemists MasterClass

Overview Analytical chemistry is of major significance in all aspects ofthe pharmaceutical industry. As staff have become more specialist it is important that people without detailed experience in analytical chemistry understand the fundamental principles involved in order to evaluate the data presented to them. This course is intended [...]

Advanced Pharma Cybersecurity Risk Management and Audit MasterClass

Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the cyber security landscape as threat actors exploit the current crisis by launching an unrelentless barrage of attacks against organisations of all shapes and sizes. To survive, organisations must adopt approaches to cybersecurity that will require more direct engagement from senior [...]

Mergers and Acquisitions MasterClass

Overview This 2 day intensive programme is aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of M & A in its different facets, it addresses the deal process, key documents including the Share Purchase Agreement, Disclosure Letter, specific issues Due Diligence in FinTech including Technology, [...]