VBA & Innovative Contracting in Pharma MasterClass (2.0)

Overview As healthcare shifts from “volume to value” we are seeing a global trend of shifting medicines and technology pricing towards a value based paradigm. This comprehensive symposium will cover off “value based agreements” and innovative financial contracts between pharmaceutical manufactures and payers. We will go through VBA [...]

Advanced Precision Medicine MasterClass

Overview Healthcare landscape is changing drastically due to the emergence of new technologies. Treatment is diverging from the general applications paradigm we were subjected in the past to a personalization for each patient and each disease type. This course will present a general overview on precision medicine with [...]

Unlocking the Potential of Cell & Gene Therapies MasterClass

Overview Nowadays, for as much as 95% of the 7 000 to 10 000 rare diseases that exist, there are no approved therapies. Of the estimated 400 M people worldwide afflicted with a rare disease, 50% are children. Cell and gene therapies have emerged as a new treatment [...]

A stakeholder engagement approach to Clinical Trials MasterClass

Overview About 90% of project management training is about tools and techniques, however most of the job is dealing with the various stakeholders involved in your projects. This series of three master classes are all linked by the engagement of the stakeholders in your projects. Day 1 looks [...]

Fixed Income Portfolio Management MasterClass

Overview For well over a decade interest rates have been trading at ultra low and even negative levels. It would seem likely that at some stage interest rates will rise, resulting in a fall in bond rices. This course considers some of the tactics that could be used [...]

Blockchain for Pharmaceuticals MasterClass

Overview With an ever increasing regulatory and compliance burden faced by the Pharmaceutical industry, Blockchain is an ideal candidate to address issued across supply chain, clinical trials and R&D. This is happening already with several firms already exploring and developing solutions. This masterclass looks at the technology, the [...]

Blockchain for Business MasterClass

Overview This course covers thet heory and practice of Blockchains/Distributed Ledger Technology. It is based on the trainer’s extensive background as both an educator,consultant and advisor to numerous blockchain initiatives. The online course has been developed for business executives, leaders and managers. It provides far more than just [...]

The future of Internal Audit MasterClass

Overview The Internal audit function is increasingly regarded as a business partner, a catalyst for change and a Governance advisor. You therefore need your internal audit function to become a trusted advisor and internal consultant. The course represents a superb opportunity to develop new approaches to the difficult [...]

Advanced Enterprise Risk Management MasterClass

Overview • In this time of global uncertainty how do you steer a course through these difficult waters? • The answer is to anticipate, manage and then deal with the risks at an enterprise level. • Most organisations have now realised that much more is needed and have [...]

C#/ML.NET Machine Learning In-House Training

In this training, you will learn how to build machine learning applications in C# with Microsoft’s new ML.NET library. You will learn how to prepare a data set, load and process it, and design and train a machine learning model to generate useful predictions from the data. The [...]