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26-27 Nov 2015

4th Annual Pharma Packaging & Labelling Forum

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Ulrike Kreysa
Ulrike KreysaVice-President Healthcare
GS1 Global Office

Ulrike Kreysa is responsible for the Healthcare sector at the GS1 Global Office in Brussels and works with her local colleagues in 111 countries across the world to develop and implement GS1 standards in the healthcare industry.
Having started her career as a Pharmacist she manages GS1 Healthcare, the global GS1 user group, formed by the stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistic providers, governmental and regulatory bodies and associations.
GS1 Healthcare has the mission to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards. Worldwide patient safety and supply chain efficiencies will be enhanced globally through standards for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), global data synchronisation and traceability.
Ulrike works regularly with decision makers from companies like Abbott, Medtronic, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, B.Braun, Bayer, Roche and others to drive harmonisation of standards in the implementation across the world. To achieve that she is regularly in discussions with regulatory bodies to discuss the need for a globally aligned and harmonised approach towards standards in order to avoid supply-chain inefficiencies for all healthcare stakeholders and increase patient safety. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.

Rajesh Pednekar
Rajesh PednekarHead – Distribution
Mohamed Mabrouk
Mohamed MabroukCEO
Pharmed Health Care

Mohamed Mabrouk, Chief Executive Officer Pharmed Healthcare –Egypt since March 2014 Board member and director of operations Utopia Pharma for 6 years. Total years of Pharmaceutical experience is about 20 years including working for 10 years in Multinational Pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly and Roche Pharmaceuticals.
Holding of MMBA Missouri State University USA and medical degree from Egypt. 42 years old – married with son and daughter. Live in Cairo- Egypt

Karel van der Waarde
Karel van der WaardeResearcher
Graphic Design Research

Karel van der Waarde studied graphic design in the Netherlands (The Design Academy, Eindhoven [BA]) and in the UK (De Montfort University, Leicester [MA], and the University of Reading [PhD]).
In 1995, he started a design – research consultancy in Belgium specializing in the testing of information design. His company develops and tests information for patients, pharmacists, nurses, and doctors.
Van der Waarde is a life-fellow of the Communications Research Institute (Melbourne, Australia), a board member of International Institute for Information Design (IIID, Vienna, Austria) and editorial board member of Information Design Journal, Iridescent, the Poster and Visible Language.

Stephen Wilkins
Stephen WilkinsChairman
Child Safe Packaging Group
United Kingdom
Geoffroy Bessaud
Geoffroy BessaudAssociate Vice President, Anti-counterfeiting Coordination
Andreas Schreiner
Andreas SchreinerHead Manufacturing Science & Technology
Felix Ecker
Felix EckerProfessor Hochschule Fulda
University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Fulda, University of Applied Sciences
Department of Food Processing Technology – Fulda, Germany
Professor for Pharmaceutical Technology and Packaging Science
Hochschule Fulda, University of Applied Sciences
Head and Founder of Test and Certification body “Packaging – Ease of Opening”

Enrico Tavella
Enrico TavellaLean Master Black Belt
Eugenio Filippi
Eugenio FilippiSenior Manager of the European Plasma Logistics and Dispositioning Center

Prior to joining Baxter as Molecular Biology Manager in 2010, Eugenio has worked in a number of roles at IBM, among which as Operations Manager in the Bratislava International Services Center and as IT & Transformation Manager for IBM Austria & Switzerland.
Eugenio, who is originally from Italy, holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Wagningen University (The Netherlands) as well as a Master in Business Administration from Henley Management College (England).
Aside from his interests in Cold Chain Logistics and process optimization, Eugenio has been focusing on 6 Sigma and LEAN methodologies which are becoming strong elements of his company culture.

Thomas Dries
Thomas DriesTreasurer
Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC-Europe)
Marc Hunger
Marc HungerHead of Global Marketing
Merck Group
Monika Derecque-Pois
Monika Derecque-PoisDirector General

Monika Derecque-Pois was born in Graz/Austria and holds a master degree in Economics from the University of Economics in Vienna, where she specialised in International Trade and Marketing. Ms. Monika Derecque-Pois is the Director General of GIRP, the European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers, which brings together over 700 pharmaceutical full-line wholesaling companies and their national associations from 33 countries. Monika was appointed to her current position in 2001, having previously served as European affairs consultant for GIRP. She has over 20 years of experience in European public affairs. Prior to her engagement with GIRP, she served as a director in a European affairs consultancy company and she also held a six-year post as Marketing and Client Support Manager at IMS Health Austria.

Milena Maggi
Milena MaggiPackaging Development Manager

Extensive experience in the Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies, from Quality Control to Production/Packaging Planning, creation/design/implementation and management of the packaging materials/labeling.
Currently responsible of the Artworks and Planner of the Packaging Materials in Teva Italy.

Benoît Goyens
Benoît GoyensIPM Project Manager
World Customs Organization

The World Customs Organization is an intergovernmental organization exclusively focused on customs issues and who represents 180 customs administrations.
Within the WCO’s anti-counterfeiting program, Benoit is responsible for the promotion of the IPM tool amongst the private sector and for the technological partnerships. IPM is gateway of information and actionable resources for customs officers. It is the only global anti-counterfeiting tool.
Prior to the WCO, Benoit was working in the IT Security industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master in Management from Skema Business School.

Torsten Hoppe-Tichy
Torsten Hoppe-TichyChief Pharmacist
University Hospital of Heidelberg

1993- present: Hospital, University of Heidelberg
Director of the University Hospital Pharmacy
Member and co-founder of the Cooperation Unit Clinical Pharmacy: responsible for lectures and state examination in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoeconomics since 1997
Qualified Person according to GMP; InPhaSol (Production unit of the University Hospital of Heidelberg, Production of drugs for clinical trials)
– Innovation Price 2008 of Sanofi Pharma
– Poster Prize of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
– Author prize of the journal “Krankenhauspharmazie” (“Hospital Pharmacy”)
– Poster Prize of the German Association of Hospital Pharmacists

Julian Amey
Julian AmeyPrincipal Fellow & Acting Director of Professional & Executive Programmes
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Julian Amey joined WMG, University of Warwick in 2010 as a Principal Fellow with advisory responsibilities for supply chain and operations management. After studying general engineering and post-graduate production management, Julian joined ICI in 1978 as a control engineer. He had roles in engineering, production management, project management, production planning and package development (on secondment in the US). From 1991 he had responsibilities for aseptic manufacture and new product introduction, and worked on manufacturing and sourcing strategy.
In 1994 Julian coordinated supply chain re-engineering in Zeneca Pharmaceuticals until in 1998 he headed up Zeneca’s Supply Chain Group. At the merger of Astra and Zeneca in 1999 he was appointed Vice-President of Supply Chains & Logistics.
In 2005 Julian was seconded to Global R&D to lead and support change activities, before returning to Operations to lead the reshaping of AstraZeneca’s asset base. From 2008 he resumed leadership of the Global Supply Chain. He left AstraZeneca at the end of 2009.

At Warwick, Julian has been involved in the design and delivery of a number of Programmes including a course for service companies (financial, legal etc.) supporting SMEs helping them to understand better manufacturing, the supply chain and the issues facing manufacturers, and a course in Pharmaceutical Packaging.

Brzoskowski Grzegorz
Brzoskowski GrzegorzSecurity Director CEE / Baltic

Grzegorz Brzoskowski has lived in Poland. Since 2007, Grzegorz has been working as EMEA Senior Security Partner at Genzyme and after acquisition in 2011 as Central East Europe Security Director Sanofi responsible for the Product Security and Investigation program at the region and beyond. Grzegorz received his BA at the Police Academy and a Masters in Political Science at Pedagogical University in Krakow.

Ruxandra Rogosca
Ruxandra RogoscaLocal Drug Safety Unit Manager Berlin-Chemie A. Menarini Former
Regulatory affairs and Medical Manager (Balkans) Reckitt Benckiser

Over 18 years in Pharmaceuticals Industry (since 1996) and National Competent Authority.
International expertise: EU and non-EU countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo). 8,5 Y in promotion, medical marketing and sales of medicinal products, followed by 10 Y full support in pharmacovigilance, regulatory and medical affairs, quality, compliance and medical activities – for: Medicines (Rx and OTC), Medical devices, Food Supplements, Cosmetics, Chemicals – Household products
– Experience with innovative and generic pharmaceutical products, including:
– over-the-counter medicines (OTC)
– prescription only medicines (Rx)
and as well as medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics, biocides, household products etc
– in different therapeutic areas such as: pain, analgesia, antibiotherapy, anticoagulants, asepsia, sore throat, paediatry, internal medicine, diabetes, surgical specialties, rheumatology, haematology, oncology etc.
My responsibilities covered all aspects of the medicinal product, from sales and medical marketing up to Medical and Regulatory affairs, with a particular interest on relevant legal frameworks in the field of medicinal products, including advertising guidelines implementation and compliance as well.

David Brindley
David BrindleyResearch Fellow
Oxford University/Harvard University
United Kingdom

David Brindley completed his undergraduate studies in Biochemical Engineering at University College London. He holds a Masters Degree from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Harvard Business School, in which he investigated the commercialisation of regenerative therapies. In addition to remaining an active member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and University College London (School of Pharmacy, Behavioural Medicine), David is pursuing a DPhil in Musculoskeletal Sciences at the University of Oxford.
David is an thought-leader in the translation of life-science innovations into commercially viable products and services. His expertise spans the ‘Valley of Death,’ encompassing regulation (risk/benefit analysis), engineering (cell therapy bio-manufacturing) and finance (life science venture capital). This distinctive skill set positions David at the forefront of healthcare translation.
The focus of David’s work with Oxford Risk is in the development of systematic and rigorous healthcare risk management tools that reduce uncertainty throughout healthcare innovation and adoption. In particular, David manages initiatives around informed consent, clinical trial strategy and the risk/benefit appraisal of healthcare innovations.

Terry Lambert
Terry LambertBusiness Development Manager
United Kingdom

Terry is a trusted and highly recommended language and culture advisor. He is wholly inspired by the people he works with and dedicated to the industry he works in. His single largest thrill in business is from helping companies understand how best to engage with an audience who do not speak their language and not a single person he has met with has walked away without learning something new.
His passion for learning about language and culture began in the mid-80s when he first moved to Germany. By 2003 he was rewarded for this hard work when he received 99% for a dissertation titled “Marketing KVM Switches into the German Market”. At the time this was the highest ever awarded dissertation for an “IT-Systemkaufman” and to date has not been superseded.
This combination of language & IT skills and acute cultural understanding has led him to being asked to speak at a number of events on this subject matter. In addition to this he has become the only trusted business advisor on this topic for one of the major banks in the United Kingdom.
In his downtime he finds pleasure in his family, cycling, reading and travelling but dedicates a large portion of his free time supporting the local community and charities dear to his heart. This includes being a member of the committee at Huddersfield Star Wheelers (a local cycling club with over 400 members), a ride leader, a member of the Kirklees Cycling and Walking steering group, neighbourhood watch coordinator and a regular attendee at the parent and teacher meetings. In summer 2015 Terry put together a team of cycling enthusiasts and completed the coast to coast Way of the Roses bike ride rising over £5000 for The Children’s Hospital Charity. You can talk to Terry about anything you want but if you really want to grab his attention then speak to him about languages, IT or cycling.

Izzet Şenol
Izzet Şenol Maintenance and Energy Manager

PROJECT MANAGER – Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Systems
Experience in design and implementation of;
– Track and Trace – in Packaging Processes
– Track and Trace – in IT Management Processes
Company achievements and awards
– 2008 Efficiency Award (best plant efficiency award in Turkish Industry)
– First company to realize track and trace in Turkish Pharma

Manfred Voglmaer
Manfred VoglmaerSenior Director Sales EMEA


Andrew Love
Andrew LoveVice President
Be4ward Ltd
United Kingdom
Karel van der Waarde
Karel van der WaardeResearcher
Graphic Design Research
Przemyslaw Kardas
Przemyslaw KardasProfessor, Head of Department
Medical University of Lodz
Tobias Beer
Tobias BeerManager Business Development
ACS PharmaProtect
Monika Derecque-Pois
Monika Derecque-PoisManaging Director
Stephen Wilkins
Stephen WilkinsChairman
Child Safe Packaging Group
United Kingdom
John McKeon
John McKeonTechnical Director
Izzet Şenol
Izzet Şenol Electronic Maintenance Supervisor
Abdi Ibrahim


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  • 10:20 – 11:00 Fighting Counterfeiting
  • 11:30 - 12:10 Track & Trace Strategy of Abdi Ibrahim
  • 12:10 - 12:50 Serialization and Safe Supply Chain
  • 15:40 - 16:20 Perfect package from a hospital pharmacis


  • 10:20 - 11:00 Packaging Validation
  • 11:30 - 12:10 Lean management practices
  • 12:10 - 12:50 Smooth Information Communication
  • 15:40 - 16:20 New printing technology

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