In today’s world the rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector’s back office functions. As a result now we have banks that offer financial planning and trading applications through smart phones and social media. When it comes to back office functions cloud technologies are widely accepted, and in many cases robotics are already reducing cost and increasing quality. Studies show that since 2011, the number of startups in Fintech (technology-based companies that often compete against traditional financial-services) has risen more than 50 percent.

Amidst these changes in a global level, a leader among leader in the Production and Management of Interactive and Impactful Global Corporate Conferences – GLC Europe, is organizing the 5th Annual Back Office Operations Forum on 16th and 17th November at Eurostarts Hotel in Berlin.

At this forum participants will be able to explore on hot topics and new trends in the industry including PSD2, API Economy, Business Process Outsourcing, Future of Robotization and Artificial Intelligence. One of the key speakers on this subject at the event is API Godfather at Česká spořitelna in Czech Republic, Jaroslav Machaň.

Machaň has emerged from being an API technical writer, to an API evangelist and then to the API Godfather position over the years with his skills and experience. He has a team that is striving to be the leaders in Banking IT. Following are some of the things he discussed during a brief interview GLC officials conducted with him.

  1. Could you tell us about the Topic you have chosen to be presented?

The biggest game changer in the banking industry in last decades is here. It is called PSD2 – Payment Service Directive 2. And it is pretty big, because under this directive all European Union’s banks must open part of their data via an API. Is it just a threat for classic banks, or is there also any opportunity? In my speech I will share a story about the Czech Republic’s oldest and biggest bank and its approach to PSD2.

  1. What are the major threats and issues currently faced by the industry?

PSD2 and digitalization of the Banking Industry.

  1. What do you see as the main industry trend for next year?

More and more emerging AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technologies, industry 4.0 and Crypto-currencies.

GLC’s 5th Annual Back Office Operations Forum will be an engaging platform where you will meet experts in the subjects of Fintech, Blockchain, BPO,PSD 2, API Economy and Artificial Intelligence based applications so we look forward to see all of you who are interested to join us in Berlin to share your views and findings on theses latest industry trends.