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BizBanking- 5th Annual Corporate Banking Forum

5th Annual Corporate Banking Forum Banking industry went through a lot of whacking changes recently and also the corporate banking field was affected. Although the changes here are implemented less rapidly, corporate bankers need to face an era of changes. Our upcoming 5th Annual Corporate Banking Forum is a [...]

HSE Essentials and Crisis Management MasterClass

Learning outcomes First aid procedures in the HSE environment Catastrophic bleed management Why fire safety traning is vital in a company? Critical incident management awareness training Behavioral safety and its safer working practices Crisis, disaster, risk management in a company Training Description The training [...]

8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum

8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum WHY THIS EVENT? In the ever-increasing pace of the 21st century, with increasing competition on the talent market, it is essential for HR professionals to stay on the top of the latest developments and have lateral thinking. Capturing talent becomes a more [...]

OTC Derivatives, Collateral & EMIR MasterClass

Learning outcomes Be aware of the fundamental purpose and structure of derivative products Understand the similarities/differences between exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives Recognize the processing life cycle of a range of derivative products Understand what causes exposures in OTC Derivative trades and the purpose of collateral [...]

European Health and Safety Environment Management Forum

European Health and Safety Management Forum   GLC’ European HSE Management Forum is a highly industry driven event, which gathers several different industries under one roof. Well-known European HSE leaders are coming to share their knowledge and experience in this very practical field. Such topics are going to be [...]

Grasping the Art of Gamification for HR Purposes

Learning outcomes Experience of the gamification design process first hand Understanding the stages of HR processes that can be gamified What questions to ask and what pitfalls to watch out for by applying design to a HR scenario Obtaining new tools to work with and apply for [...]

Blockchain 101 MasterClass – Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts

Learning outcomes Set the foundation of understanding of the technology Identify where the most viable use case would be within your own organisation Review of blockchain platforms and blockchain based app Become aware of regulatory considerations and perspectives Hear functional solutions of application Identify viable use cases [...]

IFRS 9 3.0 Implementation & Stress Testing MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn how to interpret accounting requirements of IFRS 9 into a model context Find out how to align International Accounting Standards and EBA Requirements on EL-Provisions Run EBA-Stress Test on IFRS 9 data Combine EBA Baseline and Adverse Scenarios with IFRS 9 models Integrate Stress [...]

InnoPay- 4th Annual European Payments Forum

4th Annual European Payments Forum Since last years’ European Payments Forum, many has changed within the industry, so it is time to organize our 4th Annual European Payments Forum, which will discuss both the changes and the future forecast of the topic. The FinTech war has just began, [...]

Risk Zone 2017 – 7th Annual Risk Management Forum – Details

7th Annual Risk Management Forum Risk management in banking had to overcome many changes in past years mainly in response to regulations that emerged from the global financial crisis. And there are still new challenges ahead, risk management will experience even more extensive change in the next decade. The 7th [...]