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What we learned from Bizzpay 6.0 – Lana Abdullayeva, one of our speakers summed up the event

We can think of Open Banking and PSD2 as the Expedia for banking. It will fundamentally change our everyday interaction with our banks in the future, as well as the way we make payments and the way banks look at and use customer data. It will help to open up the market to new players [...]

Make it work for you: machine learning

In simple terms, machine learning is the method to make computers through programming (algorithms) understands the structure of data; or in other words: automatically learn from experience (patterns) and act upon it without human intervention. Machine learning operates with data, hence its link to big data: it is used with data at a large scale [...]

Risks in BIG Data

Have you ever thought of the risks in BIG data? If so, this information is for you. First, let’s define: BIG data involves large information in volume that comes from varying sources and is produce at a quick rate. That’s why they are known as the 3 “V” of BIG Data: volume, variety and velocity. [...]

BizzPay 6.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum

BizzPay 6.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum Discover the hot topics Unveil its real impact on the European market Learn how can we prepare for cyber attaches in the future? Debate if Blockchain technology will change the entire payments landscape Learn more about [...]

Employee Engagement Improves With Emotional Connections

As companies continue to explore and develop strategies for employee engagement, new ideas and insights come to mind. By now, we’ve seen plenty of evidence that satisfaction in the workplace drives engagement, which in turn enhances business outcomes. The challenge for many companies, however, is striking that balance between happy employees and successful business outcomes [...]

Credit risk management importance

Have you ever wondered why credit risk management is important? Of course, because it has to deal with money! How a financial institution lends the money and to whom are essential factors that must be determined accurately. Why? Because lending money involves certain risks, such as the risk appetite a financial institution has in case [...]

Ethics is the audit master

When you audit, are you considering ethics? Ethics is the audit master in every way. But do we know exactly what it is? Moral principles that govern a person's behavior. And what are moral principles? Rules that define right and wrong. Hence, the first step for any Internal Auditor is to know what right is [...]

Expected Credit Loss Modelling-Masterclass: IFRS 9, Stresstesting, EBA Guidelines/TRIM and Basel IV

Learning outcomes Fine-tune IFRS 9 before the first publication Learn how to prepare for and integrate the diverse requirements and guidelines on ECL modelling Interpret new Basel IV and IFRS 9 requirements in a model context Align IFRS Requirements and EBA-IRB-Guidelines Differentiate differences in parameterization from conceptual [...]

Have you addressed the risk of money laundering? (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing to address the risk of money laundering, let’s go to key controls upon the questions in last article: a) No matter what type of customer is, make sure you meet that person and make a surprise visit. Meeting that person will help you to confirm it exists and visiting by surprise will diminish the [...]

Have you addressed the risk of money laundering? (Part 1 of 2)

Either if you have addressed the risk of money laundering or not this information will help you to do it or improve it. First you’ve to understand that money laundering is no longer only done in the financial sector; it has expanded to other sectors such as trade based, football, art, etc. Although many countries [...]