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How to manage the employees’ performance?

Have you ever wondered how to manage the employees’ performance? What should it be measured and how? The answer is to link individual performance to the goals and values of the company. And for this, competencies for each role in the company are needed. The benefits are that employees will know what is needed to [...]

Healthcare automation from Machine Learning to AI In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes This course is intended to go through the complete roadmap that leads to the immense universe of Artificial Intelligence. It starts from ground zero, a quick overview of basic statistics and data analysis, pillars [...]

Biosimilars in the EU In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes The market share of drug products manufactured by means of modern biotechnology is constantly increasing. In Germany, it is close to 25% in value. This means that there will be a major cost-saving potential [...]

Data Monitoring Committees In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes Learn more about group sequential methods Understand where DMCs are useful/not useful Take a closer look on how do DMC meetings run Understand legal position/indemnity CHMP, FDA (and other) guidance documents Stopping ‘rules’, including Haybittle and Peto, Pocock, O’Brien and Fleming, alpha-spending approaches, [...]

Don’t let them burnout!

Have you thought about the mental health of your employees? Don’t let them burnout! It’s a fact: most highly engaged employees are exhausted. If this has happened in a normal environment take a moment to think how much this has increased with COVID-19. How to do it? Understand the workloads your employees have: what are [...]

Pay strategy: Relevance and effectiveness

For a pay strategy to be effective, it must be integrated with the company’s overall business strategy. Achieving this integration can be difficult. This is because a business strategy can be hard to specify. This makes it difficult to design a pay strategy, with the overall business strategy in mind. If the company has a [...]

The importance of coaching

Have you ever wonder about the importance of coaching? No, don’t think about sports; think about coaching in business. What happens when someone has a problem? Upon circumstances, either the direct boss or Human Resources takes care of it. When the problem is solved, everybody continues with their lives as usual. How to prevent that [...]

Private Equity MasterClass

Overview This 2-day programme is intensive and aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of private equity and its different facets, it addresses the different forms of private equity, the deal process, key documents including the Limited Partnership Agreement, the documents required for a [...]

API & 24/7 economy for Transaction Banks MasterClass

Overview The two-day Transaction Banking Master Class is an intensive training covering all aspects of Transaction Services, both from a corporate treasury and a transaction banking perspective, while FX, Liquidity, Risk, Technology, Trade & Supply chain finance are fully integrated as it is an integrated part of transaction [...]

Are you sure your risk-based approach is effective?

Let’s see: are you sure that your risk-based approach is effective? If you haven’t updated it during the year…if only the Internal Audit talks about risks…or if the budget is not related to it…well, it’s clear: the risk-based approach is not effective. How can this be resolved? First think that the risk-based approach is a [...]