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Agility in HR MasterClass

Learning outcomes Introduction to the agile approach and how it is related to Lean and systems thinking. Why work with agility? What characterizes the agile mindset and how to change the traditional HR processes when we are working with agile values? How should HR adapt work to [...]

Design Thinking MasterClass

Learning outcomes Learn why design-driven companies have a strategic advantage. Practise design thinking principles, techniques and tools for both B2C and B2B. Work with clear tools that guide you through the process Understand the mindset needed for speeding up innovation processes Training Introduction [...]

Finance for Non-Financial Managers MasterClass

Learning objectives Understanding of financial accounts and reports The ability to use and understanding of financial concepts Analytical skills to interpret financial results using ratios Ability to manage budgets more effectively Training Introduction This course shows how to interpret key financial statements highlighting the [...]

The Millennial Woman in Leadership

‘Women leaders’ and ‘millennials’ are two words which are resonating in our minds. On one hand, we have businesses and women leaders pushing for other women to lead and to move fast in having women chairs and sitting on boards. On the other hand, we have the millennials who are changing the way we work [...]

Female competencies (part 2)

This is the second part of the female competencies needed to be a leader. In addition, to know how to work as a team, women leaders build relationships with several people in different job positions from other areas, as well with externals. They know the importance communication has; networking is done as well as information [...]

Women in Leadership II. Self-Esteem MasterClass

Learning outcomes Understand the roots of your self-esteem and how your childhood experience has impacted you in all areas of life Know how to experience the goodness at the core of your authentic self and how to use that experience as a daily practice   Gain tools [...]

Risk Based Auditing MasterClass 2.0

Learning outcomes Step by step guide to completing a risk based audit An approach to implementing RBA On annual internal audit coverage plans Effective RBA To achieving strategic objectives To determine priorities Course Introduction The Institute of Internal Auditors in a professional guidance [...]

Advanced Organisational Design Masterclass 2.0

Learning outcomes your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by aligning your organisation’s structure, roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators and governance arrangements to your strategic objectives Your reputation and influence by understanding the key steps, tools and techniques to effectively facilitate the co-design of your [...]

Next Generation Performance Management (PM) and Performance Appraisals (PA) MasterClass 3.0

Learning outcomes Learn about the truths and myths concerning the “Death of Performance Appraisals” and discover the new trend of monthly milestones via MSCs rather than annual goals via KPIs. Support business effectiveness by implementing a best-practice performance management system and performance appraisal process. Increase overall business [...]

9th Annual Risk Management Forum

9th Annual Risk Management Forum Welcome! The 9th Annual Risk Management Forum is designed to keep you up to date on the current issues and trends, and be aware of where things can go in the future. Stay on top of the latest developments in model risk, stress testing, [...]