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2nd Annual European HSE Management Forum

European Health and Safety Management Forum After the success of our 1st Annual European HSE Management Forum we have decided to schedule next year even for the 08-09 February, 2018. This time the event will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, which is usually called the jewellery [...]

Inflation-linked securities In-House Training

An understanding of inflation is central to successful trading and investing.  Even experienced professionals can fall fowl of the concept of 'money illusion' - the tendency for people to think in nominal rather than real terms.  This course starts off by exploring the fundamental concepts of inflation before [...]

Banking Operations Fundamentals In-house Training

Banks are trading worldwide, either for themselves or on behalf of their customers. Once trades are concluded, the Operations Department (‘Back-Office’) ensures the smooth settlement of all these transactions within strict deadlines, in a strict environment. The Operations Department also plays a crucial role for the success of [...]

Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals In-House Training

Some of the Learning Outcomes Understand the rationale for stability testing Learn which guidelines are available and how to use them to their benefit and improve the chance of regulatory approval Understand how to assess data and how to set shelf lives Understand the correct stability testing to [...]

HPLC Theory In-house Training – GLC Europe

Some of the Learning Outcomes Know the important chemical parameters affecting HPLC separations Be familiar with chromatographic theory Understand HPLC retention mechanisms and stationary phase types Know how to improve resolution between closely-eluting peaks Be able to troubleshoot HPLC system faults Approach HPLC method development in a logical, [...]

Interest rate risk in the banking book In-house Training

Interest rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB) is part of the Basel capital framework under Pillar 2 and principles for the management and supervision of interest rate risk were set out in 2004 by the BCBS. Following consultation during 2015, BCBS published revised principles (D368) in April [...]

Internal Audit In-house Training – Request an offer

Some of the Learning Outcomes Get know the impact of 4LOD in the size of Internal Audit Division to answer current demands from Regulators and Supervisors Formalization of the risk appetite framework (“RAF”) - embedding risk appetite, monitoring and reporting risk appetite Evaluate internal auditor’s technical and soft [...]

6th HR Minds Summit – 02-03 February, 2017

6th HR Minds Summit 02-03 February 2017 Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna - Austria Upcoming Events The event has passed. 6th HR Minds Summit In HR global trends are likely to influence organisations, the next generation coming into the workplace, and what they are going to [...]

4th Annual Back Office Operations Forum – Details

4th Annual Back Office Operations Forum 24-25 November 2016 Austria Trend Park Royal Hotel - Vienna - Austria Upcoming Events The event has passed. Hot topics Hear about what is next in the field of regualtions. Discover the innovative robotisation in the back office [...]