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Advanced Compensation and Benefits MasterClass (8.0)

Overview The increasing demand for digitalization is currently challenging large to small sized company globally and hardly any company can ignore the digitalization trends today. This masterclass will provide delegates clarity of which prerequisites need to be considered to prepare for the demanding task. This course will provide [...]

Pharmacovigilance on the Internet and Social Media MasterClass

Overview The direct interaction between patients / users of pharmaceutical products and the Pharmaceutical Companies has had a big increase since the widespread use of the Internet and social media. In parallel, the requirements of the competent authorities towards the exhaustive collection and management of any adverse events [...]

Leadership in Safety In-house Training

Some of the hot topics The Leadership in Safety In-house Training is based upon our multi-award winning Leadership programme, reconfigured to meet the needs of business as a consequence of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. The virtual workshop takes the lessons and [...]

Risk-Based Validation of Laboratory Computerised System In-house Training

Some of the hot topics Analytical instruments and computerised systems operating in regulated laboratories must be fit for intended use. This is achieved by using a combination of analytical instrument qualification (AIQ) and computerised system validation (CSV). In the current regulatory [...]

Pharma Mergers and Acquisitions MasterClass (3.0)

Overview This 2 day programme is intensive, and aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of M&A in its different facets, it addresses the deal process, key documents including the Share Purchase Agreement, Disclosure Letter, specific issues Due Diligence in Life Sciences including IP, [...]

Regulatory and quality requirements for the design and development of Medical Device Software In-house Training

Some of the hot topics The intentions of the medical device law &  legal definitions Classification of SW devices under the regulation and under the standard IEC 62304 Requirements, regulations, rules and standards pertaining to Risk analysis & General Safety PMS planning, gathering and turning PMS  into valuable [...]

Learning & Development to attract and retain talent In-house Training

Introduction Do you face challenges to attract or retain talent? An effective L&D strategy will attract and ensure an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce not only goes the extra mile or recommends others to join your company, they are also constantly improving their competencies. If L&D [...]

Analysing and Drafting Commercial Contracts in Life Sciences MasterClass (2.0)

Overview This 2-day intensive programme is aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal and practical aspects of commercial contracts in its different facets, and minimise their organisation to exposure to potential expensive disputes, it addresses the background law, key documents including the Joint Venture Agreement, [...]

VBA & Innovative Contracting in Pharma MasterClass (2.0)

Overview As healthcare shifts from “volume to value” we are seeing a global trend of shifting medicines and technology pricing towards a value based paradigm. This comprehensive symposium will cover off “value based agreements” and innovative financial contracts between pharmaceutical manufactures and payers. We will go through VBA [...]

Advanced Precision Medicine MasterClass

Overview Healthcare landscape is changing drastically due to the emergence of new technologies. Treatment is diverging from the general applications paradigm we were subjected in the past to a personalization for each patient and each disease type. This course will present a general overview on precision medicine with [...]