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Why Health and Safety Is Important In The Work Place

As soon as you mention the words “Health and Safety“ people either runaway or cringe at the thought of it, but health and safety is vitally important in the workplace as it protects employees, visitors and customers. Over two hundred people in the United Kingdom are killed each year by accidents in the workplace (UK HSE [...]

HELP, my son wouldn’t go to a branch office?! – by Online Business Technologies

Join our 5th Annual European Payments Forum in Amsterdam to discuss the following topic to be presented by Online Business Technologies: Our team received a letter from a desperate parent complaining about his son not willing to go to the branch office of the bank, where by tradition the family holds their accounts. Moreover, this [...]

The future of Internal Audit 2018

What will 2018 bring to Internal Audit? a) Risk management: the world is changing, new risks emerge and with that the challenge of Internal Auditors to know how to manage them. They key point here is: how to manage something that you don’t understand or know? If you are in that case, it’s very unlikely [...]

2nd Annual European HSE Management Forum

European Health and Safety Management Forum After the success of our 1st Annual European HSE Management Forum we have decided to schedule next year even for the 08-09 February, 2018. This time the event will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, which is usually called the jewellery [...]

API Godfather of Česká spořitelna to address 5th Annual Back Office Operations Forum

In today’s world the rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector’s back office functions. As a result now we have banks that offer financial planning and trading applications through smart phones and social media. When it comes to back office functions cloud technologies are widely accepted, and in many [...]

A Case Study on “End-to- End Process Excellence to Ensure Uninterrupted Delivery” at ‘PP&L 6.0’

Packaging and Labelling of pharmaceutical industry is a particularly important in Pharmaceuticals nowadays, as it combines several aspects of Pharma manufacturing in terms of How drug is being perceived by the market, Patient Relations – how easy is it to understand how to take it and safe as well, how do you build a packaging [...]

Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication

It has taken less than a decade to transform the entire retail payments to come together on Digital platforms. However, given the expansion of the retail payments industry and innovation, it is vital to have systems that are reliable and secure. The creation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) was one of these initiatives. [...]

PSD2 – A Game Changing Landscape for retail Banking is coming

Payments industry in entire Europe is describing the forthcoming Payment Services Directive (PSD2) as a game changing directive. It important to know that this PSD 2 revised regulation is scheduled for implementation across the European Union (EU) member states from 13th January 2018. According to experts in the payments industry, PSD2 is certainly transformative. It [...]

Will Central banks have their own Digital Currency taking FinTech Revolution forward

We are living in an era where we expect brands to deliver services instantly. Similarly, consumers want to make payments to such service brands as faster as possible which enabled the growth of the instant payment industry over the last decade. Thanks to contactless payments or Near Field Communication (NFC) card payments, people all over [...]

RiskZone 7.0 to address on Liquidity Risk Management and ALCO Monitoring

GLC Europe, a pioneer leader in the Production and Management of Interactive and Impactful Global Corporate Conferences is organizing the 7th Annual Risk Management Forum on 14th & 15th September 2017 in Vienna, Austria. The event aims to debate on adapting new Risk Management methods, and to identify the changes taking place on the risk [...]

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