Banks are trading worldwide, either for themselves or on behalf of their customers. Once trades are concluded, the Operations Department (‘Back-Office’) ensures the smooth settlement of all these transactions within strict deadlines, in a strict environment.

The Operations Department also plays a crucial role for the success of the company and the quality perception of its customers.

It is therefore essential that operations employees and the related IT developers do understand and manage these responsibilities in the most efficient way.

The Banking Operations Fundamentals is a 3-day comprehensive training covering the basics of Operations Management, highlighted by a mix of theory, concrete examples and exercises.

Some of the Learning Outcomes


Guy Maslin
Guy Maslin Independent Trainer and Consultant

Guy Maslin started in the financial industry in 1986 as an accountant in Brussels. In mid 1987, he started career in the Banking and Financial business at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, in the investment funds industry. Guy acquired an “in depth” knowledge mainly in Operations and later, became Deputy Head of Operations for a Japanese bank. He then took over the position of Head of Operations for a Swiss Bank before moving to one of the ICSDs for the same position. Following on from this, and based on broad operational knowledge, he initiated, developed and delivered an entire training programme on a global basis (19 days) for employees of the ICSD and its related group.

In 2014, Guy decided to create a company providing training (mainly operational, management and soft skills) and translation services with an ex colleague. After having received an interesting purchase offer, the company was sold in November 24th, 2016. Since 2014, Guy is also part of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

Guy has certifications in Accounting at CFTPA (Belgium), Financial Management at CFP (Belgium), Advanced Management and Human Resources at ICHEC Enterprises (Belgium) and “Instructional techniques for trainers” at GBS (United Kingdom).

If you wish to know more about his experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Benefits of In-house Trainings

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for anyone, having an interest in understanding banking operations. It is recommended for financial institutions personnel (having ideally 3 months of experience) working in departments such as:

  • Back-office (operations)
  • Middle office
  • Customer service
  • IT development
  • Risk management
  • Legal

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