The war for talent has never been more important. This course has many practical aids that can be put to immediate use to find, attract and retain the people you need to make your business thrive. This course is designed to save you time and money in recruitment and hiring the right people. The course is primarily designed for Line Leaders and HR Professionals who wish to find new tools to recruit and retain the people their organization needs to move forward.

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Scott Hutchinson
Scott HutchinsonConsultant, Coach and Trainer
Scott Hutchinson Ltd & The Big Three

I am fascinated by what makes people excel, about why some teams and individuals achieve more and (more importantly) how they do it. After running and building my own businesses and working for some of the leading companies in my sector I am now an independent coach, mentor and trainer specialising in leadership, team building, peak performance and talent management.

My clients include Coca Cola, Tayto, Informa Middle East (Banking and Oil Sector) and a large number of leading recruitment businesses . I have advised these businesses on Talent Management, Leadership, Teamwork and overall Performance Improvement,

I trained with the modern leaders in performance coaching, Performance Consultants International. I have coached and mentored literally hundreds of professionals into their ideal roles and helped them transition and ensure continued success. This has included Outplacement, Mentoring and 1:1 Coaching.

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