Risks related to BREXIT have already begun to appear which will bring complexity to financial system of the country, as well as the volatility of the markets and the economy. After referendum a period of uncertainty is coming during which the country will have to adapt to new environment, and it will take time to establish new relations with EU and the rest of the world. Which is why it is highly important to get an insight on this implementation and learn how to prevent and mitigate all the risks.

In one of the keynote presentations at our upcoming 6th Annual Risk Management Forum Mr. Evgueni Ivantsov, Chairman of the European Risk Management Council from United Kingdom, will provide an analysis of BREXIT from the risk management perspective.

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– Why one should not miss this Conference? – I asked our Senior Conference Producer.

“- Take just two days to learn everything, what took our experts years in the most interactive and thought provoking environment and constant GLC support.” – she replied, and higlighted the following:

  • International Speakers – Meet world-renowned speakers from top-notch industry establishments you’d usually never get to hear anywhere else
  • Experience through Diversity – Truly international representation of the industry from all walks of life and all parts of the world
  • Build a Global Network – Connect with similar-minded peers who you would usually not get the opportunity of connecting with
  • Explore 5-star cities – Easily accessible vibrant destinations, not just to pamper your mind but also your soul
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  • Enjoy the International Perks – Access to industry-leading discussions and Network with distant peers while enjoying 5-star indulgence

…and two more specific reasons to attend this event:

  • Featured presentation – Risk management in the BREXIT era: mitigating emerging risks and embracing opportunities
  • Best practices – Hear 18+ case studies shared by experts representing top banks with effective solution tutorials