This course gives the delegate a comprehensive subject matter grounding in the six Professional Practices (PP) of BCM and is ideal for delegates who are fairly new to the concept of Business Continuity Management, and for those who have had no formal BCM training. Delegates will understand the need to embed BCM as part of their organisational resilience strategy.

Delegates will understand the need to embed BCM as part of their Corporate Resilience strategy, and to comply with regional requirements for Business Continuity. Social Media will be explored in a BCM context, as will the importance of communicating the plan internally to embed the culture of BCM.

For those who are on travel ban, we are also running an online MaterClass, an In-House Webinar (6+ participants) and a live In House Training (10+ participants).

Some of the Learning Outcomes

Course Objective

  • Different types of crisis and how to handle them.
  • Risk assessment in your business.
  • Purpose of incident and Crisis Management.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Risk evaluation and control.
  • Business Impact Analysis.
  • Vital Material Protection.
  • Development of Continuity and Crisis Management Strategies
  • Emergency response and operations.
  • Devoloping and implementation of effective crisis, incident and business continuity plans.
  • Auditing and testing of the plans.
  • Pre crisis management.

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Who should attend?

The BCCM course is best for Directors or anyone in the business who is involved with the Emergency Response Team.

  • Oil and gas
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Security companies

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