Healthcare automation from Machine Learning to AI MasterClass

Overview This 3-day online live course is intended to go through the complete roadmap that leads to the immense universe of Artificial Intelligence. It starts from ground zero, a quick overview of basic statistics and data analysis, pillars upon which both “supervised” and “unsupervised” Machine Learning evolved and [...]

Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience MasterClass

Overview Over the past few decades, globalisation has led to increasingly-longer supply chains, as we strive for cost savings, production efficiencies and new sales territories. Whilst this can undoubtedly bring many benefits, it is not without risk. These risks have never been exposed so much as during the [...]

Segmenting Pharma Markets in the Social World MasterClass

Overview For many years, Pharma has been moving away from it’s ‘one-size fits all’ model towards a more bespoke, patient-centric model. The rise of new, highly targeted and specific medications, Biologicals and Bio-Similars has made segmentation an ever more important phenomenon for the Pharmaceutical industry. The rise of [...]

Data Monitoring Committees MasterClass

Overview This course will focus on practical issues around the workings of data monitoring committees (DMCs) including a review of group sequential methods and FDA and CMHP guidance on DMCs. Throughout the course, mock DMC sessions will be convened where various scenarios will be considered and discussed, and [...]

Biosimilars in the EU MasterClass

Overview The market share of drug products manufactured by means of modern biotechnology is constantly increasing. In Germany, it is close to 25% in value. This means that there will be a major cost saving potential for the healthcare systems by introduction of Biosimilar competition. New therapeutic options [...]

Strategic Supply-Chain Management for Pharma and Biologics MasterClass

Overview Supply-chain management is now front and centre in the Pharma industry, as the CoVid-19 pandemic has revealed major shortcomings in response, flexibility and availability of products and materials. This training takes a strategic view of much needed improvements, tracing back to the early stages of drug development [...]

Next Generation Agile Performance Management (PM) Masterclass

Overview Establishing and managing a performance management culture, determining Key Results Areas (KRAs), setting objectives and the traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or the traditional Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), adopting the new agile approach of setting monthly milestones and using agile Must-Do, Could-Do and Should-Do targets (MSCs), [...]

Applied Lean Best Practices Masterclass

Overview This intensive two-day workshop will take you onto a roller-coaster ride to shake up the energy at going lean, in both your personal lifestyle, as well as within your professional culture. The benefits of becoming a lean convert are large, the technique is not too complex, the [...]

Development of generics: From R&D to GMP MasterClass

Overview The interface between Development and GMP units is one of the most exciting in the pharmaceutical industry. Mutual understanding of the different regulatory environment and the functional priorities is a key success factor. Conflicts, mostly resulting from different approaches and priorities, can have negative impact on business [...]

Global Regulatory Framework and Ethics MasterClass

Overview The expansion of global markets has resulted in increasing regulatory demands for the pharmaceutical industry. Many pharmaceutical companies are expanding their activities to new markets and regions. During this process, companies are facing challenges of coping and keeping compliant to diverse regulatory requirements and operating standards when [...]