Turnaround and Shutdown Management MasterClass

Overview The planning, preparation and execution of a turnaround is a complex undertaking that demands an effective strategy, a high degree of control and great attention to detail. It also requires a profound understanding of the critical elements that go to make up a turnaround and the drivers [...]

Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience MasterClass

Overview Over the past few decades, globalisation has led to increasingly-longer supply chains, as we strive for cost savings, production efficiencies and new sales territories. Whilst this can undoubtedly bring many benefits, it is not without risk. These risks have never been exposed so much as during the [...]

Coaching MasterClass

Overview This innovative new programme is experiential and empowering. It will equip you with both the skills to coach and to coach the coaches. Designed for existing managers of all levels this 2-day programme will provide you with practical skills to unlock the potential of teams and individuals [...]

NEW: GLC Trainings in 2017

We are happy to announce: GLC Trainings Business Unit has been set up and for now offering the following MasterClass trainings in 2017: IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass (sold out) Key Principles of Pharmacovigilance MasterClass IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass 2.0 Cy-Fi 2017 MasterClass   There are more GLC Trainings to announce very soon - stay tuned [...]