Safety in workplace and personal values

Strengthening the corporate culture to make safety a priority value. Employee involvement. Safety motivation. Issues that are being discussed quite often these days. My profession primarily is writing. Maybe this is why my thoughts on this topic go slightly beyond HSE. But I would like to share them because I think they are worth considering.  [...]

Robot Safety Rocks! After Prague 2019

Robot Safety Rocks! After Prague 2019 John Kersey writes on safety technology and related topics for the SHP online publication. He was one of the presenters at the European HSE Forum 4.0 conference in Prague in September 2019 He was acknowledged as one of the Top 5 Speakers at the conference. His presentation covered 5 [...]

Advanced Human Error Management MasterClass

Learning outcomes To understand how Human Error fits within a holistic risk framework. To understand recent advances in understanding the inter-linked and multi-faceted causes of human error To acquire a tool box of proven methodologies for pro-actively minimizing human error. Be introduced to the latest technologies [...]

European HSE (health and safety) Management Forum 4.0

European HSE (health and safety) Management Forum 4.0 This year our European HSE (health and safety) Management Forum will take place in the historical city of Prague, Czech Republic. We are all very excited to bring this event series to such an amazing location and meet new [...]

A welcome note from the HSE 360 Summit chair, Mr. Keith Hole

Dear friends and colleagues, In the dynamic world of work, the risks we all face on a daily basis will continue to change. The need to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of those who we work with, those who visit us, those we care about and the environment we operate in is as [...]

Business Continuity and Crisis Management Program

Introduction This course gives the delegate a comprehensive subject matter grounding in the six Professional Practices (PP) of BCM and is ideal for delegates who are fairly new to the concept of Business Continuity Management, and for those who have had no formal BCM training. Delegates [...]

European HSE Management Forum 3.0

European HSE Management Forum 3.0 We are happy to announce our upcoming European HSE Management Forum 3.0, which will be held on 20th - 21st of September in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. We will gather professionals from many different industries and countries all around the World [...]

2nd Annual European HSE Management Forum

European Health and Safety Management Forum After the success of our 1st Annual European HSE Management Forum we have decided to schedule next year even for the 08-09 February, 2018. This time the event will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, which is usually called the [...]

API Godfather of Česká spořitelna to address 5th Annual Back Office Operations Forum

In today’s world the rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector’s back office functions. As a result now we have banks that offer financial planning and trading applications through smart phones and social media. When it comes to back office functions cloud technologies are widely accepted, and in many [...]

A Case Study on “End-to- End Process Excellence to Ensure Uninterrupted Delivery” at ‘PP&L 6.0’

Packaging and Labelling of pharmaceutical industry is a particularly important in Pharmaceuticals nowadays, as it combines several aspects of Pharma manufacturing in terms of How drug is being perceived by the market, Patient Relations – how easy is it to understand how to take it and safe as well, how do you build a packaging [...]