Healthcare automation from Machine Learning to AI MasterClass

Overview This 3-day online live course is intended to go through the complete roadmap that leads to the immense universe of Artificial Intelligence. It starts from ground zero, a quick overview of basic statistics and data analysis, pillars upon which both “supervised” and “unsupervised” Machine Learning evolved and [...]

Digital Banking Forum

Digital Banking Forum On the Digital Banking Forum, the attendees will be presented with a number of sessions on today’s current issues and trends, industry best practices seeking to address common challenges, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the most emerging topics. [...]

C#/ML.NET Machine Learning MasterClass (2.0)

Overview In this 2-day training you will learn how to build machine learning applications in C# with Microsoft’s new ML.NET library. You will learn how to prepare a data set, load and process it, and design and train a machine learning model to generate useful predictions from the [...]

C#/ML.NET Machine Learning MasterClass

Learning outcomes Experience machine learning first hand Understand the stages of a machine learning process Learn what pitfalls to watch out for when implementing machine learning in your organization Discover what works and what doesn’t work in machine learning Gain actionable AI tools to use when [...]