Are you sure your risk-based approach is effective?

Let’s see: are you sure that your risk-based approach is effective? If you haven’t updated it during the year…if only the Internal Audit talks about risks…or if the budget is not related to it…well, it’s clear: the risk-based approach is not effective. How can this be resolved? First think that the risk-based approach is a [...]

The on demand talent

Which is the on-demand talent that companies need? Coronavirus has also changed the skills we need to work. Here are some: Adaptability: Forget about the way we used to work; employees are doing new tasks that they never imagined. Companies have changed even their own core business to adapt to the new environment; for example, [...]

On the Corona Crisis (… of course, what else) – Part 2

Presumed impact of collective experience Thread on safety culture at the workplaces Can you see the resemblance with a concept, OSH managers are familiar with? Yes, it is the whole thing with the Safety Culture. The way we do things here is the safe way. And we could continue: We wear mouth masks, and we [...]

On the Corona Crisis (… of course, what else) – Part 1

Originally I was going to write about sustainability concerning employee treatment. But I will save the topic for later because the events of the last couple of weeks are asking for something more up to date. The situation about the coronavirus pandemic has got many connections to the workplace health and safety and to the [...]

The importance of a happy work environment

Having a happy work environment brings many benefits, among them: creativity and innovation increases, as well as productivity, employees are more engaged and your company is more successful. But, how to do it? Recognize your employees: one of the most common mistakes companies do is to give for granted their employees work. If it’s the [...]

Impact of agile workplace design on employee productivity

In today's time, it seems job-hopping is a more popular trend than good old loyalty and career ladder climbing within the same organization. A new wave of the workforce requires more from their employers in order to stick around for more than a year or so. Companies are looking for new ways to have satisfied [...]

Risks in 2020

If risks were considered a key part for internal auditors, in 2020 risks are a must. Audits should be risk-based and agile, responding to emerging risks. For this year, top risks include: Cybersecurity and data privacy: we are moving to a digital era and by doing it, this risk increases. The reason: information and data [...]

Generate value to the company: minimize behavioral risk

Generate value to the company: minimize behavioral risk Have you heard about behavioral risk? Do you know how it can generate value to the company? Even now regulators are paying attention to it. Behavioral risk is how certain factors influence employee behavior. It is also related to decision making. The new audits are focusing on [...]

Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Culture by design in the Virtual World

Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Culture by design in the Virtual World If culture eats strategy across all three meals, then the CEO serves those meals.   The biggest Management tragedy of last century has been estimated loss of multiple trillion dollars on count of the opportunity and discretionary Human performance loss across diverse Organization [...]

The Audit Skills Needed for 2020

The audit skills needed for 2020 The world is changing, thus the environment, way to do things, the companies. It’s essential to speak about the audit skills needed for 2020; either the ones you need to update or improve. So, what skills are we talking about? Well, among those, internal auditors are going to need [...]