Whom are you going to trust your money?

Whom are you going to trust your money? Is not about the services a bank offers... Neither it’s app. Is about whom are you going to trust your money; and this is linked to the bank’s quality service. With so many changes going on, now banks have to adjust their business model to fulfill the [...]

NEW: GLC Trainings in 2017

We are happy to announce: GLC Trainings Business Unit has been set up and for now offering the following MasterClass trainings in 2017: IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass (sold out) Key Principles of Pharmacovigilance MasterClass IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass 2.0 Cy-Fi 2017 MasterClass   There are more GLC Trainings to announce very soon - stay tuned [...]

Introducing TOP SPEAKER @ 6th Annual Risk Management Forum

Dear Risk Management Professional, Let me introduce our TOP SPEAKER of our 6th Annual Risk Management Forum. Discover new and innovative methodologies to measure different risks OPEN PANEL DISCUSSION: CROs Perspective on Risk Uncover revised Basel III for better Risk Management Managing volatility under IFRS 9 – Credit Risk Steering Guide to hedging liquidity risk Understand how to implement and supervise new regulatory requirements Hear best practices [...]

Two new topics and additional speaker for 2nd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

Derrick Nolan - Business Credit Risk Model Head - First National Bank - South Africa: Topic: Beyond Collateral Management: Optimising RWA to release capital and liquidity     Christian Düsterberg - Erste Group Bank - Austria:   Interaction between IFRS9 and the IRB Framework Practical aspects of IFRS9 implementation Linkage between IFRS9 impairment and IRB Credit [...]

New speaker for 5th Annual HR Minds Forum

We happily announce to have a new speaker joining the 5th HR Minds Forum, who happens to be one of our top speakers from previous HR Minds events: Petra Berecová Senior Vice President Executive Management Deutsche Telekom Germany   Ms. Berecová has been recently promoted and had moved from Slovak Telekom to the headquarters: Deutsche Telekom, which makes [...]