Renowned European HSE leaders are coming to share their knowledge and experience at the European Health and Safety Management Forum scheduled to take place from 28th -29th September 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Berlin.

Some of the topics going to be discussed during the event are Safety Culture and Leadership, challenges and changes of the Safety Paradigm, the way to HSE Operational Excellence, how to create the right environment for people to thrive and many more.

Participants will be able to listen to a real life case study presented by Kevin Furniss, Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability of APM Terminals in the Netherlands. He will further discuss the principles of safety leadership behaviour, challenges of establishing an effective Safety Culture and Leadership, methods to improve Safety Culture and adverse events.

Following are some of the excerpts from a short interview we had with Kevin on his take on the present and the future of HSE Industry.

Leadership has long been recognized as probably the essential element in ensuring everyone has a safe place to work.  But is safety leadership in current guise now passé?  The 4th industrial revolution, developments in technology and how humans choose to interact has evolved – but our leadership has not.  Essentially we are now attempting to solve the emerging safety challenges of today, with leadership ideologies and a philosophy of yesterday.  This is not going to work; we need to do something different.

  • What are the major threats and issues currently faced by the HSE industry?

Some of the major issues are Changing Geopolitical Landscape, The Financial and Macroeconomic instability, Risk Profiles which are shifting considerably and the rise of Non-traditional Safety Risks.

  • What do you see as the main industry trend for next year?

Digitization, changes in labour patterns and uncertainty.

GLC European HSE 2017 will once again present an extraordinary and engaging platform where different experiences with a variety of approaches to Health and Safety Management are being addressed from 28th -29th September, 2017. We look forward to any HSE professional who wish to join us in Berlin to share their opinion on why is it important to conduct an in depth accident and incident investigations and to debate if the Zero Injury Culture exists and discover what can lead us there.

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