As Human Resources (HR) Professional you might love your employees, or consider some of them friends–but you also wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t stop to wonder what they really think of you. Thus, in the next few years, employee engagement will evolve dramatically. In an era of big data and mobile apps, the employee engagement revolution presents both enormous promise and, if not managed right, pain to HR departments.

employee engagement

Even the best companies in the world register only about 38 percent of their employees as “fully engaged,” according to statistics. Human heart is one performance variable that’s impossible to measure, despite the business world’s obsession with metrics. But that doesn’t change an essential truth: Motivating your work force may be the toughest and most important challenge you face as an entrepreneur or an employer, especially in the age of social media, when a few disgruntled employees can destroy your reputation and your corporate brand’s reputation.

You just know those unhappy campers are out there, sowing seeds of discontent throughout your organization and beyond. So how can you find out whether their gripes are legitimate or just bellyaching? And once you find out, what can you do about them? Or maybe the question is, what should you not do about it?

Employee engagement has become such a hot topic that great swarms of consultants and authors are concerned in this new era.

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