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Organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, from concerns about potential trade wars, Brexit, merger and acquisition activity and the potential challenges of artificial intelligence. In addition, many industries are facing pressure from disruptor’s and consequently many need to change quickly to survive. These issues are putting pressure on revenue and profits and creating increasing uncertainty with executive management and employees. As companies develop different strategies to deal with these challenges; whether it be strategic transformation, organizational restructuring and\or major IT investments, the one constant is how to deal with the change.

Change impacts strategy, systems, technology, processes and people, so we can’t get away from it. Many of us will have already been through some form of change and our experiences may not have been great. Research consistently shows that between 50-70% of change\transformation programmes fail and there are many reasons for this.

This change management programme will identify what you need to do at an organizational and individual level to improve the chances of change programmes delivering. The solutions are often complex and to deal with this, we will be sharing the latest research and actual case studies on where change was both a success and a failure,
so that we can all learn on how to address change.

This programme will be practical with some reference to concepts but the focus will be on examples of where change works and where it fails. It will also be highly interactive, with case studies, exercises and participants are encouraged to share their experiences of change programmes and reflect on what can be done differently to improve their success. To get the best out of this programme you should have some experience in the basic concepts of change management and the problems of going through a change process.


Learning Objectives

• Ability to lead and engage your teams through change
• How to keep stakeholders engaged through the change process
• Harness the positivity of change and minimize the negatives we associate with change
• Be able to perform the role of a change or transformation manager
• How to implement a successful change programme



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The Trainer: 

Tom Raftery has over 35 years human resource and change management experience. Ove the last few years he set up his own human capital consulting company – it’s all about people – utilising his extensive experience in HR strategy, processes and systems, organisational design, leadership development, change management and compensation and benefits.

Prior to this, he was VP HR for Arc International, the world’s largest glass and tableware manufacturer and was responsible for a workforce stretching from Japan to Africa, based in Dubai. In addition to this, Tom was the head of HR for a major division of British Aerospace and HR Manager for a subsidiary of Sedgwick Forbes, the insurance company, based in Athens. Tom has extensive consulting experience gained working for Towers Watson, Meirc, Arthur Andersen and
his own consulting company. He has worked on several change management projects for both Andersen and Watson white, in both the public and private sector.

Tom’s mixture of senior line management and consulting experience has given him experience with a wide range of change management methodologies and frameworks and how to effectively implement them. In his recent roles, he has been heavily involved in managing change from the restructuring of the company strategic measurement framework, developing a new customer relations management programmes and implementing a change programme for a public sector company to become private.

Tom has a degree in industrial sociology, an MBA from Warwick University and is a member of and certified trainer for the Society of Human Resource management and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. He has presented at various conferences and runs several training courses in Europe and the Middle East and is an engaging facilitator and trainer.