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Training Overview

Genome editing has revolutionized our ability to modify the genome of (quite) any biological organism. In particular, it opens up new possibilities for the treatment of various diseases in humans like rare genetic diseases, cancer or HIV. Today, what alterations can we really achieve? What risks can we anticipate and how to check for unwanted mutations? This course is based on the knowledge acquired on animal and cell models and describes how they can inform us of the potential consequences of genome editing for preclinical research and therapeutic approaches. It is designed for researchers who are already familiar with genome editing technologies basics. It aims to provide validation leads for scientists who create animal models by genome editing or who want to develop therapeutic approaches.

Who should attend? 

  • Genome editing therapy
  • Genome editing preclinical research
  • Risk assessment
  • Senior researchers
  • Principal investigator
  • Preclinical researchers
  • Genome editing researchers
  • Project manager



Dr Guillaume Pavlovic
Dr Guillaume PavlovicHead of Unit | PHENOMIN-ICS

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