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Training Overview

The global nanomedicine market was reported to be worth $70 billion by 2011, $140 billion in 2016
and is predicted to be worth $350 billion by 2025. To take advantage of the many opportunities
that lie ahead and to be successful in a market that will become more and more competitive
requires an understanding of the scientific, technological, clinical, regulatory, financial and
commercial challenges that apply to this field. This master class aims at describing this evolving
scenario and to empower business executives and R&D expert with the necessary knowledge
to navigate the entire pathway of developing, testing and commercialising new products based
on nanoscale materials and to introduce them to regulatory issues, intellectual property and
financing. The topics presented in this master class will provide participants with the breadth of
understanding necessary to evaluate the current state of nanotechnology as well as introducing
the implications of this new field in the framework of healthcare and medicine. The aim is to
empower participants with the fundamental knowledge that will enable them to evaluate
strategic and tactical issues and to develop problem-solving skills in the exciting and emerging
discipline of nanomedicine. Finally, the master class will discuss how to progress this area to
meet the future needs of the field by introducing to the participants diagnostics, therapeutics,
vaccines, implants and biosensors that have the potential to revolutionise health care.

Who Should Attend?

• Executives
• Investors
• R&D experts
• Production engineers
• GMP auditors
• Regulatory Affairs
• Scientific/Clinical directors
• Commercial specialists
• Strategic advisors
• Industry consultants


Prof. Ennio Tasciotti, PhD
Prof. Ennio Tasciotti, PhDCorporate Consultant in Biomedical Field Director Sclavo Research Center

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