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Key Topics

Why are we different?

Interactive sessions

We do not let our audience fall asleep during the different sessions. That’s why we always
include panel discussions, round table sessions and various ice-breaker games.



Networking at its best

We include special networking breaks when the audiance will have the chance to meet
our exhibitors and get to know their services and products.



After conference activities

We all know that events can be a bit overwhelming, and sitting for 8 hours in a dark
conference room is not always fun. That’s why we created relaxing and entertaining after
event programs to make sure that participants will have a unique experience with us.
SVPs, VPs,

Event Advisors

Ron van der Weerd
Ron van der Weerd Program Manager Real Estate & Campus Development
Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Lizette Engelen
Lizette EngelenHead of Audit UK
Workplace strategist
Juriaan van Meel
Juriaan van Meel Co-founder and owner at BriefBuilder
Anne Wernand
Anne Wernand Marketing Lead and Behavioural Researcher

Who will you meet?

SVPs, VPs, CEOs, Directors, Global Heads, Heads, Managers, Specialists

Workplace, Workplace Architect, Office Design, Concept Developer, Corporate Research, Digital
HR , Facilities Infrastructure, Corporate real estate,People Analytics, Interior Design, Space
Management, Building Management, Business Unit, Happiness Officer, People Officer, Talent
Officer, Change Management, Workplace Wellbeing, Future of Work, Employee engagement

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