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The Agile Workplace Design Summit organized by GLC Europe will provide a great opportunity for learning and networking during the 2 days of the event. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the latest trends of workplace design and how it’s influencing agile working.

Is your goal to possess the most insightful information about a workplace that drives innovation? Would you like to know more about change management? Do you strive to discover the latest trends driving smart buildings? Would you like to discuss the challenges of wellbeing at work?

Join us in May 2020 in the beautiful Madrid and get your unique chance to get updates, learn, network, and extend your professional horizons.

Key Takeaways

Event schedule

Day one

  • 08:30 Registration & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:45 Greeting from the Project Lead & GLC Icebreaker Session

  • 08:55 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Opening keynote presentation: The Workplace as a reflection of the Brand: Physically and culturally

  • 09:40 Better understanding & embedding employee needs in global workplace initiative

  • 10:20 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 10:50 Session reserved for Mapiq

  • 11:30 The future of workspaces at Booking.com

  • 12:10 Campfire session: The importance of considering diversity and inclusion when exploring agile working design

  • 12:50 GROUP PHOTO

  • 13:00 Luncheon & Networking

  • 14:00 The future workplace: human-centred employee experience

  • 14:40 PANEL DISCUSSION What are the hottest trends in the field of workplace design?

  • 15:20 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 15:50 Change management

  • 16:30 Office Design and Dignity

  • 17:00 From Cellular to Open Office – A transformation within a complex organisation

  • 17:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair

  • 17:40 End of DAY 1

  • 17:40-18:20 Champagne Round Tabel Discussion

Day two

  • 08:30 Meet, Greet & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:55 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Personal Development Session & Morning meditation – Creating the best place to work!

  • 09:40 Artificial Intelligence – The new buzzword for the future?

  • 10:20 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 10:50 SAP workplace

  • 11:30 From dumb spaces to smart places. Building “team working-memories” in physical and digital workplaces.

  • 12:10 The innovative work environment as a booster for knowledge exchange in a future proof organization

  • 12:50 Luncheon & Networking

  • 13:50 Evolvong working environments and digital transformation in C

  • 14:30 Technology for the modern workplace

  • 15:10 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 15:40 The enigma of workplace productivity

  • 16:20 Solution Surgery Session

  • 17:00 Closing Remarks from the Chair

  • 17:10 Farewell Tea, Coffee and Networking

  • 17:30 End of DAY 2

For detailed program request the agenda

Request detailed Agenda - Agile Workplace Design Forum


Become a speaker
Asif Sadiq
Asif Sadiq Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
The Telegraph
United Kingdom
Bettina Reichardt
Bettina Reichardt Project Leader HR New Workspace
Lufthansa Group
Sudhir Saseedharan
Sudhir Saseedharan Global Design Lead, Workplace Experience
The LEGO Group
United Kingdom
Tom Lawrence
Tom LawrenceHead of Workplace Design & Experience
Dept Agency
The Netherlands
Mireya Juarez
Mireya Juarez Head of Workplace Strategy and Experience EMEA
Déborah Duc
Déborah Duc Global Workplace Design Lead
John Blackwell
John Blackwell Managing Director
United Kingdom
Marc van den Helder
Marc van den Helder Program Manager Real Estate
The Netherlands

Who will you meet?

Delegates from the workplace community
workplace consultants, occupiers, designers, architects, researchers and suppliers, workplace strategists, facility managers, employee engagement experts, HR/human capital managers, change management, workplace wellbeing professionals, happiness, people and talent officers.

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