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The continuing globalisation of business operations creates additional challenges for organizations, particularly those who operate across geographical boundaries.

This masterclass provides valuable insight into the nature of organizational culture and ethical behaviour in organizations. The subject matter covered is highly popular, due in part to the increasing focus on both elements from regulators, the media, external business partners and customers.

Providing assurance over culture and ethics is a challenging area for modern internal audit functions, both in terms of what is to be audited and how value can be added to the organization. Internal auditors working in this area require a fresh perspective and approach.

In particular this masterclass assesses the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies that internal auditors should possess to audit culture and ethics.
Internal auditors need to develop a more qualitative approach, making use of tools such as interviews and surveys, as well as utilising more traditional approaches with their existing core skills.

This masterclass examines a range of approaches that internal audit functions may adopt when auditing in this challenging environment.


Learning objectives

• Understand the impact of culture and ethics and how the right approach presents organizations with opportunities for growth.
• Appreciate the different skills that internal auditors require to provide assurance over culture and ethics in the organization.
• Evaluate the latest guidance for internal auditors in culture and ethics and how to maximise impact in this increasingly important field.
• Provision of assurances over the sustainability of external business relationships to enhance the benefits of working more closely with others.
• Develop the ability to identify the ethical requirements of internal auditors in the execution of the internal audit function’s responsibilities.


Who Should Attend?

This masterclass is open to all of those in internal audit who are presently delivering assurances to the organization over culture and ethics and to those who may be required to do so in the future.

»» Internal auditors
»» Internal audit managers
»» Chief audit executives


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The Trainer: 

Gary Ingamells
CCS Training and Consultancy


Gary Ingamells is a high quality professional Internal Auditor and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors UK and Ireland and the founder of CCS Training and Consultancy. Gary also holds a BA in Business Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, the ACCA Certificate in International Auditing and the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation from the IIA.

With over 19 years’ experience in delivering Internal Audit services, and over 13 years’ experience of delivering training and advice to Internal Audit professionals and trainees from across the globe, Gary is an expert on the audit process and how this can be utilised to deliver real value to all organizations and at all levels.

Gary has designed and developed learning material for Internal Audit students. For example, he authored 80% of the CIIA’s on-line learning material for the Organizational Leadership element of the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership.

Gary has lead teams of Internal Auditors to deliver value-adding assurance and consulting services in Operations, Information Security and Professional Services. Gary has represented Internal Audit at numerous audit committees, senior management forums and conferences.

Recent practical experience has seen Gary work with organizations in financial services, Government and the retail sector. Such work has included supporting major projects and contracts, reviewing culture and ethics, advising on information security and providing training to improve standards in
Internal Audit functions.