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Blockchain 101 MasterClass was designed to provide an introduction to blockchain technology, its history and potential. In this MasterClass, you will learn how the underlying technology of Bitcoin has evolved over the last few years into a tool that will change how we share value over the internet. The session will include:

Blockchain Background:

  • History and background of blockchain
  • How blockchain works
  • The properties of blockchain
  • Pros and cons of different options
  • Review of blockchain platforms
  • Review of blockchain based apps
  • Regulatory considerations and perspectives

Use Cases:

  • Application of the theory of blockchain to build real world, functional solutions
  • Deep dive into how Applied Blockchain have done this for a wide range of clients across many industry verticals

Breakout Sessions:

  • Working with the delegates to explore use cases within their own businesses
  • Identifying viable use cases and co-creating a value proposition

One of the reasons why GLC MasterClasses stand out from others is that our participants gain not only the knowledge, but also learn how to apply the gained insights in real life.


Special features:

  • Best practices
  • Regulatory insight
  • Case studies
  • Templates and Step-by-step guides


Training includes:

  • Specific and exceptional educational insights combining modern theories and practical examples
  • Workshop using advanced international experience and knowledge of high-level expert
  • Special materials and templates for future use by the participants in their work


Some of the key takeaways include:

  1. Set the foundation of understanding of the technology
  2. Identify where the most viable use case would be within your own organisation
  3. Review of blockchain platforms and blockchain based apps
  4. Become aware of regulatory considerations and perspectives
  5. Hear functional solutions of application
  6. Identify viable use cases and co-creating a value proposition


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The Trainer: 



Peter Bidewell is the Chief Marketing Officer of Applied Blockchain and is the lead on client relationships, partnerships and marketing for the firm; consulting on the strategic implementation of blockchain solutions that are platform agnostic, scalable and enterprise ready. He works with C-suite executives from both startups and enterprises to shape transformational initiatives aligned to strategic intent, understanding client needs and succinctly articulating the key benefits of blockchain technology. Peter is a recognised blockchain thought leader and regularly presents on blockchain at major international events.






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