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Training Overview

This course covers thet heory and practice of Blockchains/Distributed Ledger Technology. It is based on the trainer’s extensive background as both an educator,consultant and advisor to numerous blockchain initiatives. The online course has been developed for business executives, leaders and managers. It provides far more than just an understanding of the technology. It provides an in-depth appreciation of the opportunities, risks and strategic approaches that organisations need about Blockchain in order to be fully informed. The Masterclass describes the core components of a blockchain implementation in business, rather than technical, language. It covers the five blockchain mega cases into which all blockchain projects are aligned with. It provides a framework to assess opportunities of revenue generation, cost reduction and risk management. An effective methodology to incorporate blockchain into an organisation strategy is based on several years of successful project and process implementation.

Who should attend?
• Business Executives, leaders and managers who wish to learn more about the risks and opportunities that this technology provides
• People whose organisation is exploring adopting blockchain
• Individuals looking to learn about the benefits and pitfalls of blockchain technology



Phil Griffiths
Phil Griffiths

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