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Training Overview

A CFO’s mastery of the financial skill is a given; however, such a skill alone is not enough to become a successful corporate leader. The finance function is a core component of the operational structure. It serves as a guardian of the shareholder’s resources by providing financial stewardship, making effective value-creation decisions, managing the financial risk and practicing good corporate governance. Consequently, a successful leader in this area needs to be armed with a variety of additional skills, including: an awareness of organisational and personal psychology, ability to manage a variety of stakeholders, a strong and effective communication skill, and possess an astuteness akin to politics. This course is designed to develop and fortify the CFO’s skills and acts as a primer for the attendee to become a more visionary and charismatic leader.

Key topics:

  • Organisational psychology and the role of finance within the corporate structure
  • Developing leadership acumen in volatile and unpredictable times e.g. the current Covid-19 crisis
  • Developing and fostering a strong finance team by leverage and balancing skills
  • Leading through change, business transformation and performance optimisation

Who should attend?

  • Existing or potential CFOs, as well as senior staff within the finance function


Raheen Sacranie
Raheen SacranieConsultant, executive coach & corporate instructor

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Download detailed Agenda - CFO Leadership MasterClass