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In an ever increasingly complicated and powerful computer environment we are becoming more and more vulnerable to Cyber Crime. As we have seen multiple times on the media, the most powerful organisations are included in the list of victims to Cyber Crime. Now that it is apparent that the security within Financial Institutions has fallen behind, we have organised this Masterclass to help you understand, review and develop a strategy towards improving your Financial Security.
Special features:

  • Best practices
  • Regulatory insight
  • Case studies
  • Templates and Step-by-step guides


Training includes:

  • Specific and exceptional educational insights combining modern theories and practical examples
  • Workshop using advanced international experience and knowledge of high-level expert
  • Special materials and templates for future use by the participants in their work


Some of the key takeaways include:

  • An insight into why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical for
  • An opportunity to discuss the evolving threat landscape; key vulnerabilities; risks and counter measure; with a focus on the financial sector.
  • Key knowledge to understand how Cyber Security impacts roles and responsibilities; and successfully managing evolving and complex stakeholder management relationships.
  • Gain an overview of best practices including: Strategy and Governance; Business Information Risk Management; and Business Resilience.
  • Explore key laws, legal rights and corporate and personal liabilities and responsibilities.
  • An opportunity to embed learning through discussion with experienced experts and relevant real world case studies and scenarios.
  • An opportunity to discuss further personal and organisational development through training, coaching and mentoring


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The Trainers:


Don Randall MBE, is the founder of Don Randall Associates and the Former Head of Security & Chief Information Security Officer at the Bank of England.

Don Randall served with the City of London Police from 1969-1995, with specific emphasis on fraud and counter terrorism.  Following 13 years at JPMorgan Chase as Managing Director, he joined the Bank of England in 2008 and was appointed the Bank’s first Chief Information Security Officer in 2013.

Don is chairman of the ‘Sister Banks’, City of London Crime Prevention Association and ‘Project Griffin’ and a member of the City of London Crime Disorder Reduction Panel.  He is also a member of the London First Security Advisory Board, Executive Member of the London Resilience Board, Chairman of the London Resilience Business Sector Panel and Co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Cross Sector Safety & Security Communications initiative.

Don is a Fellow of the Security Institute and a Chartered Security Professional.  He has also served as an external lay member of the City of London Police Committee.

In 2007, Don was awarded an MBE for services to law enforcement for the harmonisation of the public/private sectors.  He was presented with a Security Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Security Profession in 2013 and in 2015 was a recipient of the International Police and Public Safety 9/11 Commendation Medal.




Andrew Fitzmaurice

 CEO, Templar Executives Ltd. 

As CEO of Templar Executives, Andrew leads an expert team specialising in delivering
cyber security transformation programmes across government and FTSE 100
companies. His focus is to address shortfalls in ‘holistic cyber security maturity’ within organisations through an approach encompassing people, culture, processes and Information Communications Technology. He has also established the Templar Cyber Academy whose courses are uniquely accredited by GCHQ, IISP and BCS. Templar Executives was voted ‘Best Cyber Security Company 2015’ in the European CEO Awards and ‘Best Cyber Security Firm 2016’ by CEO Insight Magazine.

Andrew works extensively with the financial services sector, developing Cyber Security and Information Assurance strategies, delivering Board briefings, leading audits and training and mentoring Senior Executives. Clients include G7 banks, central banks, retail banks and private equity firms.

Andrew’s background includes 18 years in the military specialising in air command and control. He has been closely involved in and authored key publications and policies including: The Data Handling Review 2008; The IA Diagnostic Methodology; the Ministry of Defence Information Assurance Strategy; and the national Information Assurance/Cyber Security strategy. He established the Senior Cyber Risk and Assurance Board now known as the Information Risk Assurance Board, and continues to work extensively with the public sector, as well as the private sector and academic institutions, providing assurance, advisory and training capability.

As a thought leader in the area of Cyber Security and Information Assurance, Andrew is often invited to speak at conferences and has had articles regularly published. He is also a visiting Professor at Oxford University and is an Expert Advisor to the Global Cyber Capacity Building Centre based at the Oxford Martin School, at Oxford University.



*The below titles in Central Banks, Investment Banks, Merchant Banks, Private Banks, Retail Banks, Building Societies, Insurance, Leasing Companies, Asset Management Companies, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds

Main Job Titles:

  • Chief Information Security Officer – CISO
  • Senior Information Security Officer – SISO
  • Chief Information Officer – CIO
  • Chief operating officer – COO
  • Chief Technology Officer – CTO
  • Chief Security Information Risk Officer – CSIRO
  • Chief Risk Information Security Officer – CRISO
  • Computer Emergency Response Teams – CERT


Members of the Board | Management Board | Executive Directors | Managing Directors | Directors | Presidents | Executive Vice Presidents | Senior Vice Presidents | First Vice Presidents | Vice Presidents | General Managers | Global, Regional, Group Heads & Leads | Senior Managers & Managers OF

  • IT Security
  • IT Support Services
  • Network Security
  • Operational IT
  • Technological and Risk Operations
  • Threat and Vulnerability and Cyber Security
  • Information System Auditors
  • Information Systems: Specialists, Analysts, Engineering
  • IT Applications: Specialists, Analysts, Engineering
  • IT Audit and Data Security
  • IT Infrastructure: Specialists, Analysts, Engineering
  • IT Security: Specialists, Analysts, Engineering
  • Privacy and Social Media Compliance
  • Security Operations
  • System Integrators
  • Information Security and Technology Risk
  • Data Privacy
  • Enterprise Security Officer
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Global Information Security
  • Global Security
  • Application IT Infrastructure
  • Business continuity
  • Data Management Centre
  • e-Risk Management
  • Fraud and AML
  • Fraud prevention
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • ICT Architectures
  • ICT Risk
  • Information Security
  • Information Security and Risk Management
  • IT Audit
  • IT & Information Security
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