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The hype around innovation is hard to miss. The pressure on businesses to define an innovation strategy and the process that delivers it is growing, as the success stories of innovative organizations like Airbnb and Netflix continue to be well documented. The key question for many organizations is how to start innovation. Knowing that doing nothing is not an option in the fast changing world we live in today. But daily routines, time and budget are barriers to take first steps.

Starting innovation requires a clear process, the right mindset and skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity (according to research of the World Economic Forum). Design Thinking is both a process and a mindset to solve problems for people in complex and quickly changing environments.

In this program you will develop the necessary skills using tools and techniques for successful product, service or process innovation by using the 5-step Design Thinking framework. This highenergy, high-pace learning-by-doing program will help you develop or strengthen your entrepreneurial skills needed to make you future-proof and will provide you with practicaltools and techniques needed to tackle complex problems and to start innovation.


Learning Style: 
This training is a highly participatory program consisting of numerous group discussions, workshop sessions and interactive presentations. Participants will work in groups to develop a new desirable business proposition by the end of the course.

The content is a mixture of theory and practical exercises and aimed at learning by doing. By collaborating with other attendees delegates will learn from each other through interaction and teamwork.

The practical tools provided with this training allow for different conversations and are a step-by-step helpful guide that will bring new insights and new perspectives on how to make problems tangible and solve them in new ways.


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The Trainer: 



Rody Vonk has been working as an entrepreneur for over fifteen years. He started his working life as a creative concept developer in advertising agencies. Over the years he moved over to developing marketing and communication concepts and strategies for various companies and projects. Nowadays Rody uses his creative background to develop disruptive ideas and strategies for organizations that get stuck in their daily routine or projects. The learnings from these assignments are welcome examples and sources of inspiration in his trainings, workshops and presentations on Design Thinking, Serious Creativity and Innovation.

In his programs and presentations, Rody Vonk helps is audiences to develop the right mindset and skills needed for innovation. Using tools and techniques from design thinking and lean startup he takes participants and audiences on an innovation detour. A critical look at what the real problem
is that needs to be solved, ideation sessions that inspire people to come up with those extreme ideas as food for disruption and a human centered approach to stay on track with reality are part of this journey. As a part of his trainings he inspires organizations to find new (market) opportunities by innovating their business model.

The trainings Rody facilitates are characterized by the combination of theory and practical group work. Hands-on activities and group discussion, as well as interactive exercises and the application of different tools and techniques, blend throughout his trainings.

Rody trained, inspired and coached a great variety of people, anywhere from board room members of national banks to university and high school students in startup boot camps, innovation projects and trainings on solving (social) issues. He works globally and has previously facilitated programs
in various countries and cities including Accra (Ghana), Cape Town (South Africa), Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden), Munich (Germany) and London (United Kingdom).