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The Digitalization in Pharma Forum organized by GLC Europe will provide a great opportunity for learning and networking during the 2 days of the event. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the most emerging best practices and industry expertise in the field digitalization in the pharmaceutical sector.

Is your goal to possess the most insightful information about the digital marketing trends in pharma? Would you like to know more about the connected multichannel? Do you strive to discover the latest updates and insights from market leaders on the new production technologies? Would you like to discuss the challenges of transforming healthcare with fellow professionals?

Join us in February 2020 in the beautiful Berlin and get your unique chance to get updates, learn, network, and extend your professional horizons.

Hot topics

Event Schedule

Day one

  • 08:30 Registration & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:45 Greeting from the Project Lead & GLC Icebreaker Session

  • 08:55 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Advantages of pharma digitalisation

  • 09:40 Enabling AI-Innovation in Pharma, from thinking to practice

  • 10:20 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits


  • 11:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Human versus digital

  • 12:10 Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare in the age of digitalization

  • 12:50 Luncheon & Networking

  • 13:50 Case study: the challenges in transforming healthcare. specific examples to explain hypothesis and possible solutions

  • 14:30 Talent and capability enabling digital transformation:

  • 15:10 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 15:40 Key aspects required for an AI ready culture organization

  • 16:20 Digital Tranformation as a key enabler for a 360° storytelling

  • 17:00 Digital Transformation of Pharma in the Age of Big Data

  • 17:40 Closing Remarks from the Chair & Networking

  • 17:50 End of Day 1

  • Evening Program

Day two

  • 08:30 Meet, Greet & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:55 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Additive manufacturing of pills – a new production technology for pharmaceuticals is evolving

  • 09:35 Manufacturing Intelligence in pharmaceutical production

  • 10:10  Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 10:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: E-pill

  • 11:20 Precision Medicine in Oncology – The Pharma`s New Role in Health Care


  • 12:30 Three flavours of digital pharma R&D innovation

  •  13:05 Luncheon & Networking

  • 14:00 Digital Innovation in Parkinson’s disease

  • 14:35 7 tips how to establish a content marketing mindset in pharma?

  • 15:05 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 15:40 A new era of Multichannel Engagement: customer experience as the new battleground

  • 16:15 Connected multichannel

  • 16:50 Services Design in Healthcare with Digitalization as enabler

  • 17:25 Closing Remarks from the Chair

  • 17:35 Farewell Tea, Coffee and Networking

  • 18:00 End of DAY 2

For detailed program request the agenda

Request detailed Agenda - Digitalization in Pharma Forum

Get to know our renowned speakers

Full speaker line-up & more information
Konrad Dobschuetz
Konrad DobschuetzCommercial Director
Pfizer Upjohn
United Kingdom
Paul Jacobs
Paul JacobsHead of Innovation, R&D Data and Analytics
LEO Pharma
Christoph Hüls
Christoph HülsFounder/Technical lead AMT project
Hans-Peter Frank
Hans-Peter FrankHead of eHealth Ventures
Vifor Pharma
Elisa Crisafulli
Elisa CrisafulliDigital Customer Engagement Associate Director
Frederic Ohayon
Frederic OhayonInnovation, Data & Customer Experience Director
Former AstraZeneca
Stuart Cowen
Stuart CowenLearning business partner (Digital data & Analytics)
United Kingdom
Dirk Abeel
Dirk AbeelGlobal Medical Sales Director Public Speaker SFE and Digital
Reckitt Benckiser, Inc.
United Kingdom

Who will you meet?

VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads, specialists and Managers of:

  • Drug Delivery Innovation
  • R&D IT
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Digital innovative strategic planning
  • Regulatory and pharmacovigilance
  • IT Strategy
  • Real-World Data
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Integrity and Governance
  • Data Scientists
  • Clinical trials and data management
  • Translational informatics
  • Data storage and analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Systems
  • Contract outsourcing service providers
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare IT
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Pharma sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multi-channel Management

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