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Training Overview

Global lockdown has caught most companies and most Assistants highly unprepared for remote work. How can Assistants make their role indispensable and their careers bulletproof?
Which technology is the best for virtual offices and remote work? How to choose your next learning step with so much material suddenly available online? And finally – how can Assistants pioneer change and become strategic partners in their companies?

Learning outcomes:

  • Become Tech Savvy Assistant. Tackle the challenges of remote work better with latest technology and APPS
  • Pioneer change in your company by introducing them with remote
  • Become strategic Business Partner for your Executive
  • Improve your confidence, assertiveness and ensure steady career
    growth while being hands on with your personal progress

Who should attend? 

Are you the executive PA who is an invisible company wizard that makes it all work? The grey cardinal who protects executives’ time, priorities and image? A super-human who ensures the success of daily business operations? The one who is always there to make sure the executive team reaches outstanding results on time?

Executive PA is HR, marketing, legal, finance, administration, psychology, and events management expert in one. With so many things on their plate daily and the same 24 hours in a day, it’s crucial to get their hands on the newest tools. The latest apps and technologies can help the executive’s right-hand deal with piling demands and responsibilities, while at the same time ensuring the maximum role satisfaction and personal career growth. When the executive PA improves and excels everything and everyone around does too.


RŪTA ČINKAITĖExecutive PA & Office manager

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