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In the modern world under the influence of globalization of economic processes, reporting professionals require common standards in order to clearly understand company’s financial situation, obtain information about assets&liabilities, and investment actions of company. IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass is designed to provide basic ethics as well as improve the level of knowledge in the field of IFRS 9 which comes into effect on the 01 January 2018, meaning: it is crucial to get up to speed with the new regulations. The MasterClass approach is vastly practical and will cover financial instruments accounting under IFRS 9. It will help you to understand fundamental concepts and principles underlying IFRS9 and also develop your skills in its efficient implementation in every aspect.

IFRS 9 Implementation MasterClass is essential for professionals in the field of accounting, auditing and finance, who are aiming for career development. One of the reasons why GLC MasterClasses stand out from others is that our participants gain not only the knowledge from highly experienced and specialized professionals, but also learn how to apply gained insight in real life.


Special features:

  • Best practices
  • Regulatory insight
  • Case studies
  • Templates and Step-by-step guides


Training includes:

  • Specific and exceptional educational insights combining modern theories and practical examples
  • Workshop using advanced international experience and knowledge of high-level expert
  • Special materials and templates for future use by the participants in their work


Some of the key takeaways include:

  1. Learn how to interpret accounting requirements of IFRS 9 into a model context
  2. Find out how to bring International Accounting Standards Board and EBA Requirements on EL-Provisions
  3. Observe SSM Guidance on NPL Valuation and Management
  4. Establish issues and solutions of 12 month and lifetime PD measurement
  5. Master how to incorporate effective interest rates into the PD/LGD-Model
  6. Compare lifetime losses versus CVA-measurement: Similarities and Differences
  7. Understand Steering Profits and Risks based on IFRS 9 and Integration of Stress Tests
  8. Unveil EBA- and ECB-Impact Assessments with overview on current Supervisory Responses to IFRS 9
  9. Become aware of critical issues to be solved with IFRS 9 in defaults, NPLs and Stage 3
  10. Determine Regulatory Capital: CRR and IFRS 9
  11. Determine the Basel and EBA Guidelines on ECL and current ECB developments
  12. Uncover Best Practice from the Supervisory Discussions with European Banks
  13. Identify how to apply the hedge accounting model and 3 Stage Provisions in IFRS 9



The Trainer: 

IFRS 9 Implementation Masterclass GrünbergerDr. David Grünberger, CPA heads the financial reporting enforcement unit at the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

His team examines the financial reports of exchange listed groups for accounting errors. He also deals with prudential accounting issues of banks, aiming at the integration of IFRS and the CRR. He participates in the IFRS 9 working groups of ESMA, EBA, the European Central Bank and the European Systemic Risk Board and heads the national IFRS 9 implementation in the Austrian FMA. David published several books and over 70 journal articles on IFRS and credit risk valuation and lectures IFRS at two universities.








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