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Training Overview

Today’s LifeScience environment is dynamic, very changeable and requires a broad and holistic view for every manager/executive working in this environment. The LifeScience Micro MBA program is a condensed overview of all aspects with respect to doing business in a LifeScience environment which will prepare managers who have further career ambitions either in their current role/discipline or considering a switch to any other discipline in this industry. The program will focus primarily on sharing experiences and case-studies in forum discussions and exercises setup rather than classroom teaching only.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know what strategy and strategic thinking means for LifeScience now in the coming future
  • Gain more understanding and overview of all elements belonging to the total LifeScience value chain
  • How to become a leader in a LifeScience environment
  • How to turn strategy into a go-to-market plan
  • How to apply Marketing and Sales Excellence in a LifeScience organization
  • Learn from real-life LifeScience experiences and business cases

Who should attend?

  • Middle and higher LifeScience managers who would like to gain more understanding about the total Lifescience value chain in order to improve their total business planning skills and competencies.
  • LifeScience professionals who are considering a full MBA program but not sure about direction and time investment yet.
  • Middle and higher LifeScience managers who would like to have a better understanding of how to develop their career in their current job or next position or even in switching to another discipline or leadership role.



Download the Agenda

Download detailed Agenda - LifeScience Micro MBA MasterClass