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MIFID II & MIFIR Investor Protection & Best Execution workshop will provide hands-on learning opportunities for attendees to Learn & Review the key changes and impact to Investor Protection & Best Execution under the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation. The European banking industry has been anxiously awaiting confirmation from the European Commission of the MiFID II implementation deadline. With the original proposal released in October 2011, and finalised in 2014, the intended implementation date was January 2017. In February 2016, this was revised to January 2018, and financial institutions have begun to mobilise an immense industry-wide initiative to identify the key compliance challenges and change ‘hot spots’, in order to plan and resource their own change programmes.

We have organised this training to help delegates to understand, with Financial Institutions now engaged in full-scale implementation planning for MiFID II and MiFIR, key questions and challenges being faced. Much of the finer detail of the rules will be contained in the Technical Standards from ESMA and Delegated Acts from the European Commission, which are still being finalised. The impact to infrastructure and technology is of serious concern to all in-scope firms. Critically, the broader scope of the revised MiFID package will affect a far wider range of firms and products, meaning for some these changes will not be incremental developments, but an entirely new regulatory regime.

The urgent priority for all Financial Institutions, irrespective of size or business model, is to ensure the impact is understood and assessed immediately, with agendas and budgets aligned to compliance by January 2018. This training is designed to enable participants across the Financial Industry, from Compliance, Risk, Operations, Audit, Front, Middle & Back Office, Treasury, Change and IT fields, to come together to understand the contents of these regulations, how their peers are implementing, and what challenges they face.


Special features:

  • Best practices
  • Regulatory insight
  • Case studies
  • Templates and Step-by-step guides


Training includes:

  • Specific and exceptional educational insights combining modern theories and practical examples
  • Workshop using advanced international experience and knowledge of high-level expert
  • Special materials and templates for future use by the participants in their work


Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Grasp the Overall Structure of MiFID II.
  • Understand the Investor Protection Componants of MiFID II
  • Comprehend the Changes to Client Classifications
  • Realise the Changes to Suitability and Appropriateness Checks.
  • Recognise the changes to product Governance.
  • Distinguish the Changes to Offerings & Inducements


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The Trainer: 




A programme and senior project manager, with over 16 years experience in banking and finance working on complex change and transformation programmes. Having scoped, mobilised and delivered programmes across Treasury and Regulatory requirements spanning MIFIDI/II, Market Abuse (MAD/MAR) EMIR and Volcker.

Currently conducting impact assessments for clients across UK & EU on MIFID II and providing end to end delivery support to ensure clients can meet the January 2018 deadline. Also covering a series of MIFID II workshops across the EU to ensure the technical standards of the new regulation are clearly understood throughout the banking industry.







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